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With the holiday season right around the corner, a lot of us are looking forward to spending quality time with our loved ones. Whether you are sharing a meal with your family at home, going out to a restaurant, or attending a Christmas party, the holidays often involve participating in conversations within difficult listening environments, which can be extremely challenging for the hard of hearing.

In situations such as these, there is usually lots of background noise present which can be hard to filter out from the sounds you actually want to hear. Additionally, as people don’t always take turns when they speak, trying to understand who is saying what can be not only difficult, but exhausting. And just like that, the holidays can easily turn from a long-awaited, cherished time into an anxiety-inducing, draining experience.

Senior woman participating in conversation at family dinner

Fortunately, thanks to the advancements made in hearing assistive technology, there are gadgets that have the power to completely change your listening experience in challenging situations and make communication enjoyable once again. We’ve prepared a list of our favourite solutions that can help you hear in environments like these:

Phonak Roger Pen IN

Thanks to its cutting-edge wireless technology, the Phonak Roger Pen iN provides impeccable efficiency in noisy situations, including over distance, and it can be used in both group and one-to-one conversations. Furthermore, it includes Bluetooth technology, allowing you to stream your favourite forms of media directly into your hearing aids. It features easy to use icon buttons and a built-in microphone with automatic adjustment for sound levels, and it has the ability to detect the type of listening environment you find yourself in to adjust its settings accordingly and provide you with the best hearing experience possible.

Looking for a smart and flexible solution to help you hear your conversation partner clearly, even at large distances? The GN ReSound Multi Mic is perfect for you! It provides excellent speech understanding at a distance of up to 25 meters, without even requiring you to wear an extra device around your neck! If participating in a group conversation, just place this handy gadget on any flat surface and it will automatically switch to a mode optimised to detect the voices of multiple speakers. Additionally, it is discreet, lightweight, and compact, and comes with a draw string pouch so you can easily carry it with you everywhere you go!

gn resound multi mic
mini mobile against white background

Remarkably compact and discreet, the Starkey SurfLink Mini Mobile System consists of two parts: a remote microphone and a mini mobile adapter. Thanks to this, it provides you both with the features of a remote microphone and with the ability to wirelessly stream mobile phone audio. Its small size allows you to conveniently carry it in your bag or pocket, and it features a single multi-function button for easy, hassle-free use.

Looking for a way to upgrade your hearing aids without spending a fortune? The Signia StreamLine Mic will help you turn them into a state-of-the-art wireless headset! This amazing remote microphone not only streams audio directly into your compatible Signia hearing aids from various Bluetooth devices, but also has the power to majorly improve your one-to-one conversations, especially in noisy environments.

Table Mic Standing
oticon phone clip

Functioning both as a remote microphone and a remote control, the Oticon ConnectClip provides you with a range of features that can make your life as a hard-of-hearing individual easier. In addition to supporting your listening experience in challenging environments, it allows you to seamlessly adjust the settings of your hearing aids, instead of having to do this manually. What is more, it can be connected to various Bluetooth-enabled devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, giving you the ability to use your hearing aids as a wireless headset. Additionally, this brilliant piece of technology even lets you accept or decline calls from your landline telephone!

Not only does this state-of-the-art listening device provide a top-range quality audio streaming, but it also has a battery life of six hours, even with continuous streaming! The Connexx Smart Mic provides amazing clarity of sound even if your conversation partner is located up to 20 meters away from you, and excellent speech discrimination even in the most challenging listening environments. What is more, this nifty gadget is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing you to stream your favourite forms of media, whether it be music, movies, or audio books. Brilliant!

Picture of smart mic 1
widex COM-DEX Bluetooth streamer

Beautifully designed, efficient, and easy to use, this handy gadget can be used both as an audio streamer and a remote microphone. It’s available in three stylish colours- champagne silver, anthracite grey, and emerald green- and is refreshingly easy to operate. Lightweight and compact, it comes with a neck loop for extra convenience and easy portability. What is more, the Widex COM-DEX can be paired with up to eight different Bluetooth devices!

There you have it: some of our favourite hearing aid microphones to help you communicate with your loved ones over this holiday season! Interested in seeing more of our shop? Click here to browse our range!

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