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You can book hearing aid appointments and ear wax removals, nationwide, through our partner – The Ear Wax Removal Specialists. 

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Hearing Aid Accessories is part of Hear4U & HealthscreenUK. Hear4U are experts at providing, fast,safe and professional hearing tests. Hear4u offer a complementary and in-depth hearing evaluation, assessing the full function of your hearing. this is completed in 5 simple steps:

  1. Upon requesting a hearing evaluation we take a full history of any medical conditions you may have so we are aware of how they may impact on your hearing. We also need to know about social demands in your life so that we know how to support you with the hearing system and any assistive devices you may need.
  2. Next comes the actual evaluation and firstly we look into your ears using video otoscopy to show you what we can see, and if wax is a problem then we can remove this for you.
  3. Happy if this is clear, we will then do audiometry to measure your hearing levels and give advice on what we find. Using 42 inch screens we can show you your results with comparisons to normal hearing levels and explain what we find.
  4. Any medical referrals are dealt with at this point with a letter for your GP.
  5. If we are able to continue we will then perform further speech testing using either Lisn-S or Quicksin. These are fabulous tools because it not only tells us to what degree you struggle in groups but also how your brain is coping in these environments in relation to your degree of hearing loss.

Further Information On Our Hearing Aid Assessment

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We may also perform further tests known as tympanometry and acoustic reflex if we have concerns about any middle ear issues we may find, again we may use the results to send to your GP.

If you are a suitable candidate for hearing aids, we will then move onto a hearing aid benefit assessment. During this test we use our fitting suite to fit a set of suitable hearing aids to your defined loss. We then use Real Ear Measurement (REM) to verify that the devices are delivering the amplification that you need.

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So once we have performed all assessments, ensured all medical issues are dealt with in the correct manner and demonstrate the benefit of a hearing system if required, we can then help you choose the style of hearing aid of your choice.

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