Top Tinnitus Products

Tinnitus is an issue that causes a ringing or other noises in one or both ears. It's not a condition can be always treated, however there's measures that can be…

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Widex – Introducing the Widex Com Dex

  • Post published:June 2, 2020
  • Post category:Blog

Who is Widex? Widex is a family-owned Danish company founded in 1956. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids, developing digital technology to offer the most…

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Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Post published:March 11, 2020
  • Post category:Blog

A Potted History Of Phonak  Since their founding in Switzerland in 1947, Phonak have been committed to changing lives through the development, production, and distribution of cutting-edge hearing solutions. They…

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Shooting Ear Protection/CENS

  • Post published:March 4, 2020
  • Post category:Blog

Shooting Ear Protection. Ear defenders are designed to protect your ears and avoid any damage to your hearing during a day of shooting. Having the right shooting ear protection equipment…

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