Enhancing Workplace Accessibility with Phonak Roger Technology

Phonak Roger Product Range

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In today’s fast-paced professional environments, ensuring accessibility for all employees, as well as clients, partners, and other visitors is paramount. Phonak Roger technology stands at the forefront of this mission, offering a range of innovative solutions designed to enhance hearing in challenging acoustic settings found in workplaces. From large meeting rooms and small venues to interactive training sessions, the Phonak Roger range is engineered to improve clarity for the hard of hearing, ensuring no one misses a beat in the rhythm of daily business activities.

Compact, Portable, and User-Friendly

The Phonak Roger range distinguishes itself in the modern workplace through its compactness and portability, essential features that answer the dynamic needs of today’s professional environments. Designed for intuitive use right out of the box, these devices ensure that whether it’s a spontaneous meeting or a planned event, inclusivity and accessibility travel with you.

Seamless Integration into Professional Settings

The sleek design of the Roger devices allows them to blend seamlessly into any office setting, emphasising discretion without sacrificing performance. Built to withstand the hustle of daily activities, they are as durable as they are lightweight. This thoughtful design ensures that enhancing auditory accessibility doesn’t mean intrusive setups or noticeable equipment, preserving the aesthetic and functional integrity of the workspace.

Furthermore, the ease of use is a hallmark of the Roger range. From connecting a device to a smartphone via Bluetooth to setting up for a large meeting, the user-friendly interface caters to all levels of technical skills. This simplicity in operation encourages widespread use, fostering an environment where accessibility is a shared priority.

Let’s explore some of the key products within the Phonak Roger range and how they can be applied in the workplace to foster a more inclusive and accessible environment:

Phonak Roger Select iN

roger selects

Designed to keep the user at the centre of every conversation, the Roger Select iN is a versatile microphone that excels in environments with significant background noise. Its ability to pick up speech from six directions provides 360° coverage, making it ideal for use in bustling office spaces or during lively work gatherings. With wireless Bluetooth connectivity, it seamlessly integrates with mobiles and laptops, enhancing one-on-one or group discussions with crystal clear audio.

Phonak Roger Charging Rack

The Roger Charging Rack ensures that up to four devices are charged and ready for the day ahead. Its compact design eliminates the clutter of cords, making it a perfect fit for any office environment. By providing a consistent charging solution, workplaces can maintain the readiness of their Roger devices, supporting continuous accessibility without interruption.

Phonak Roger charging rack 2

Phonak Roger Pass Around Mic

Roger Pass Around Mic in Docking Station

Tailored for large meetings or training sessions, the Roger Pass Around Mic amplifies the speaker’s voice, ensuring it reaches every attendee with clarity. This device encourages active participation by allowing users to either pass the microphone or use its stand for static placement, making every meeting more productive and inclusive.

Phonak Roger Clip On Mic

The Roger Clip On Mic offers a powerful solution for conversations in noisy settings or across distances. It ensures that speech is delivered directly and clearly, significantly reducing background noise. This device is particularly beneficial in open office environments or during important work meetings where clarity is paramount.

Phonak clip on mic

Phonak Roger On V2 – Microphone Transmitter

Roger On in Docking Station

The Roger On V2 represents the pinnacle of the Roger range, combining the best features into one straightforward device. Its versatility across various environments and the ability to stream from multiple audio sources directly into hearing aids makes it a game-changer for workplace communication.

Phonak Roger Headset Conversion Pack (For PC)

Perfect for remote work or busy offices, the Headset Conversion Pack transforms online communication by streaming calls directly into hearing aids. This facilitates hands-free communication and ensures employees can hear every word clearly, even in noisy settings, enhancing both productivity and connectivity.

Phonak Roger Table Mic II

table mic II

Specifically designed for participation in meetings, the Roger Table Mic II excels in noisy, crowded settings. Its ability to function as part of a MultiTalker Network makes it an invaluable tool for ensuring that every voice in the meeting is heard, fostering a truly collaborative workspace.


The Phonak Roger range offers a comprehensive solution to workplace accessibility challenges, ensuring that employees and visitors with hearing loss can fully engage and contribute. By adopting these technologies, businesses not only comply with legal obligations but also embrace the ethos of inclusivity, enhancing productivity and workplace dynamics. As we continue to navigate the complexities of modern work environments, the Phonak Roger range stands ready to make every workspace a place where everyone can thrive.

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