Waking Up on Time as a Person on the Hearing Loss Spectrum

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Waking up on time is, perhaps, one of the most beneficial habits an individual can adopt. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a few quiet moments in the morning, sipping on your coffee, mentally preparing for the busy day ahead. If being active is important to you, but you never seem to find the time during the day, being up bright and early can give you enough time for a jog or a workout, lifting your energy levels up and releasing the feel-good hormones that decrease anxiety and improve your mood. Besides simply providing you with more time to get tasks done, waking up on time is great at ensuring that you start getting better sleep. According to research, individuals who wake up early usually go to bed at an earlier time, too, and get better rest during the night.

Good quality sleep improves your attention and concentration span, helps you maintain a healthy weight and keeps your immune system strong. Additionally, it looks after your mental well-being and improves your looks, making your skin look healthier and reducing visible dark circles. On the other hand, having an erratic sleep pattern leads to acquiring various health conditions more easily, and can decrease your sex drive.

As important as waking up on time is, if you are on the deaf spectrum, it can be a true challenge since a regular audible alarm is not a viable option. There are some methods you could use to help your body wake up naturally. One of these is leaving your curtains open so that sunlight can enter the room and wake you as soon as the sun comes up. Another option would be to train your body into a natural rhythm, asking somebody to wake you up at a certain time every morning, until your brain gets used to the pattern and begins waking you up at the set time on its own. These methods, however, are not always reliable and can lead to oversleeping.

Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, there are various gadgets you can use as a person who is hard of hearing, that can ensure you wake up at exactly the time you prefer each morning. We at HAA offer a range of brilliant alarm clocks specifically designed for people on the hearing impairment spectrum. Below we have listed our favourite products that can ensure that you start your day right:

Bellman alarm clock pro

Using bright flashes of light, sound, and powerful vibrations from under your pillow or mattress, the Alarm Clock Pro and Bed Shaker provide a thorough set of waking assistance for hearing impaired individuals. Additionally, they feature a sleek, modern design and are extremely simple to use.

This brilliant alarm clock features a dual amplified audible alarm and a vibrating pad that is sure to wake you up bright and early. What is more, it is simple to operate and features a large display with clear, easy-to-read numbers, making it ideal for those with poor vision.

Alarm clock with vibrating pad
Bellman & Symfon Vibio Bed Shaker

Equipped with Bluetooth technology, this fantastic gadget connects directly to your smartphone, allowing you to create multiple alarms and choose your vibration power through a free app that it comes with. What is more, it lets you allow notifications from calls and messages, keeping you effortlessly connected to friends and family.

4. Humantechnik travelTim Vibrating Alarm Clock

Ideal to use when working away or on holiday, this device uses a combination of vibration, sound, and lights to wake you up. It is lightweight and compact and provides you with the option to choose your preferred combination of alerts using the simple buttons on its back.

travelTim alarm clock

If waking up on time is important to you as a person experiencing hearing loss, these brilliant devices are the ultimate solution to ensure you are up bright and early every morning! Browse our alarm clocks here to find the one that suits your needs best. Your body and mind will appreciate it!

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