Bellman & Symfon Alarm Clock Pro Including Bed Shaker BE1370


Part of the Visit home system created by Bellman & Symfon to wake you with a loud alarm, flashing lights and vibrations from the bed shaker when it is time to get up.

Designed to keep you connected to your family and friends as well as keeping you safe in your home.

Brand : Bellman

Includes : 1x Visit Alarm Clock Pro, 1x Bed Shaker with sound, Power Supply, 4×1.2 V AAA NiMH batteries, and User Manual.

Please allow an additional 3 - 5 working days for delivery


The Bellman Alarm Clock Pro wakes you with sound, bright flashes and powerful vibrations from under the pillow or mattress. The vibrations come from the connected to the Bellman & Symfon bed shaker, giving a complete set of waking assistance for hard of hearing individuals.

Output Signals:

Bellman & Symfom products are designed to work straight out of the box, easy pairing with your other Bellman & Symfon.

The output sound can be as loud as 100 dB at 10 cm, or 950 Hz – 3 kHz. The alarm clock pro also flashes four high intensity flashing LEDs and can be connected to the Bellman Bed shaker for vibration alerts.

Display & Night Light:

Featuring a digital display clearly with lights up a digital time display, this digital time displays includes the current time and also your pre-set wake up time.

The mild blue night light feature helps you get back into bed safely and conveniently helping to not wake others during the night and protecting you from obstacles.

Alarms & Snoozing:

We all like the option of having a little snooze, with the alarm clock pro you can have this snooze and help being woke up with its decreasing time intervals. The snooze has a decreasing time interval which starts from 9 minutes and reduces to 2 minutes. Ensuring the best wake up assistance. Alarm time our and snooze time out is 20 minutes.

Other Features Include:

  • Time set dials
  • Wake up time settings
  • Night Light
  • Alarm sound and light adjustments
  • 5 mm external trigger input
  • Landline telephone input
  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Versatile alerting system
  • Intense LED Light Indicators
  • Loud Sound Indicators: 100 dB @ 10 cm, 950 Hz – 3 kHz
  • Vibration Indicators: 2.0 – 4.0 VDC. The bed shaker also emits a sound
  • Battery Power back up
  • Large snooze function button
  • 24/48-hour digital clock

Product Specifications:

Height: 108 mm, Width: 121 mm, Depth 92 mm, Weight: 390 g incl. batteries


Additional information

Weight859 g
Dimensions23 × 16 × 16 cm


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