What Are Hearing Aid Receivers?

Phonak 2 pin receivers
If you have a Receiver in Canal type hearing aid (RIC), the 'receiver' or speaker, goes into your ear canal and is connecting to the main hearing aid by an electronic wire.

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What is a Hearing Aid Receiver?

If you have an ‘in ear canal’ type hearing aid receiver, the ‘receiver’ or speaker, goes into your ear canal and is connected to the main hearing aid by an electronic wire.

In instruments with external hearing aid receivers, the core components of the hearing aid are positioned in the ‘behind-the-ear’ housing, while the receiver is mounted on soft domes or a custom shell inserted in the ear canal. Using an external receiver saves space in the main housing, so the ‘behind-the-ear’ unit can be dramatically reduced in size.

Are all Hearing Aid Receivers the same?

Each manufacturer has different receivers and each receiver varies based on the power required, size and some other important factors.

Hearing aid receivers are thin plastic tubes that extend from the Hearing aid over the outer ear and into the ear canal, in the canal covering the receiver will be a dome, making it fit comfortably.

Each person differs on how often they decide to change their receivers, however it’s recommended to change your receiver at least once a year in order to maximise the benefits of your hearing aids.

What Hearing Aid Receivers does Hearing Aid Accessories offer?

At Hearing Aid Accessories, we stock hearing aid receivers by:

  • Oticon
  • Phonak/Unitron
  • Widex
  • GN ReSound

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