How-To-Series: Streaming TV Sound into Hearing Aids

GN Resound tv streamer

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Your family have been complaining that the volume is too loud when you are watching TV for a while now, so you decide to take the plunge and go and get your hearing checked.

You book the earliest available appointment at your local hearing clinic, get diagnosed with hearing loss by your audiologist who then fits you with the appropriate hearing aids, and then you return home.

You notice the difference immediately. You can hear certain sounds again that you were previously unable to, yet when you are watching TV with your family around a takeaway later that evening, you encounter another dilemma. Somehow, amongst the rustle of the takeaway packaging, the chewing, and the nattering, you find yourself struggling to hear the TV again.

Instead of asking to turn the volume up, you think about whether there is anything else you can do? Is there a way to stream the sound of the TV into your hearing aids?

You can indeed – by using a device called a TV streamer!

What is a TV streamer?

This is a clever device that connects to your television. It transmits the sound from your TV directly using the latest Bluetooth hearing aids or via a neck loop for older hearing aids. The hearing aid wearer can set the volume of the TV by adjusting the volume control of their hearing aid/s while family and friends can adjust the volume on the TV so everyone can achieve a preferable sound level.

How does a TV streamer work?

Many hearing aids use Bluetooth technology to essentially turn your hearing aids into earphones. By purchasing a TV streamer, you will be able to stream audio from your TV directly into your hearing aids. Each TV streamer will include specific cables to ensure the audio heard by other TV viewers is not affected, so everyone can enjoy the TV at their preferred volume.

How will a TV streamer improve my hearing?

Having the TV sound streamed directly into your hearing aids is the equivalent of hearing as though you are sitting directly in front of the TV, so you do not need to make the TV volume louder to hear it when sitting further away on the sofa.

How can I find out which TV streamer is right for me?

This is a matter of brand and compatibility. Every brand on TV streamer is compatible with different hearing aids. For example, these are the compatible hearing aids for our 8 bestselling TV streamers:  

  1. Oticon 3.0 Tv Adaptor is compatible with Oticon More and NHS Oticon Xeed
  2. Phonak Tv Connector is compatible with Phonak Marvel & Paradise
  3. Signia Streamline TV Streamer is compatible with Signia Styletto
  4. GN ReSound TV Streamer 2 is compatible with every GN Resound wireless hearing aid including the Danalogic Ambio 66/77&98
  5. Phonak ComPilot II & TV link II Set is compatible with the NHS Phonak Nathos Auto M
  6. Connexx Smart Transmitter 2.4 TV Streamer is compatible with Specsavers Advance Series 16,17,18 and 19
  7. Widex TV DEX is compatible with Widex Evoke
  8. Widex TV Play is compatible with Widex Moment

How do I pair a TV streamer to my hearing aids?

Each hearing aid manufacturer has their own TV Streamer so please contact us and we will advise which device you need to purchase. The device is supplied with a selection of cables, one of which will be suitable for your TV. The manufacturers have created videos that can be found on their websites or on YouTube that demonstrate how to connect the streamer to your television. There is also a clear instruction booklet included with each device.

The device must be initially paired with your hearing aids, and your local clinic should make any programming changes to your hearing aids that may be required. Once this initial set up is complete, the sound will stream from the TV directly to your hearing aids.

How might Hearing Aid Accessories be able to help?

If you are unsure about which TV streamer is right for your hearing aid/s, please contact us. 

We will ask for the make and model of your hearing aid/s so we can provide the correct compatible product. If you do not know the model, you can provide the serial number which we can use to obtain the hearing device information. Once the compatible product has been determined, we will discuss the features of the device with you.

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