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A modern and sleek design allows you to stream your TV audio in your home with outstanding sound quality. Super easy to set up with direct stereo streaming to your ears. With the patent-pending dual antenna technology, TV PLAY offers maximum streaming stability, so you will never miss out on important TV moments.

The Widex TV PLAY is compatible with Widex Moment and Evoke Hearing aids.

Brand : Widex

Includes : TV PLAY Unit, micro USB cable, mounting bracket with cable holder, optical (Toslink) audio cable, cleaning sachet, spare double adhesive tape for mounting, analogue audio cable (mini jack-to-ponto) & user manual.

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The Widex TV PLAY uses patent-pending dual antenna technology to offer outstanding audio quality direct to your hearing aids.

Offering a balance control to either mask out your background ambient sounds or allow listening to all and stay in the conversation.

The super easy 4 step set up makes pairing your hearing aids quick and simple. You can also take a phone calls direct from your hearing aids whilst listening to you TV. The audio will automatically switch between your phone and TV when required.

The TV PLAY includes an option to mount on the back of your TV. Keeping your home even more organised with less cables and plugs. The small and sleek design adds a modern style to your home.







No need for a spare plug socket, the TV PLAY power comes from your TV. Simple connect the Micro USB to you TV PLAY and the other USB end into the back of your TV, then turn on your TV. Keeping things nice and tidy.

If your TV does not have a spare USB, you can use a standard wall plug adapter (not included).


The Widex TV PLAY is compatible with both Widex Moment and Widex Evoke Hearing aids. For the former, ensure that you have access to the latest update of their mobile app to ensure perfect functionality. If your hearing aid is not listed, please feel free to get in touch and we can recommend a compatible product for you.

Pairing to your hearing aid:

Whether you have one hearing aid, or two, the device can suit your own needs. You can simply pair the number of aids to suit you by sliding the button on the back from Mono Sound to Stereo Sound.

Simple 4 step pairing=

  1. Power the TV PLAY by plugging in to the TV and turning the TV on.
  2. Restart your hearing aids by opening and closing the battery door.
  3. Keep you hearing aids in range of the device while pairing (1-2 meters).
  4. Your hearing aids will then play a tune to confirm the pairing is complete.

Using the TV PLAY:

Once your aids are paired you can access control of your TV PLAY by your Widex App and selecting the TV Listening Programme. You can start and end TV streaming at any point.

Whether you wish to exclude other background sounds, or be involved in other conversation whilst you use the TV PLAY this can all be controlled by the App. You can easily balance the ambient sounds and conversations, or just choose to listen to the TV. It is up to you!

No smartphone? No problem! If you do not have a smart phone this is okay. You can simply press the programme button on your hearing aid to start and stop the TV audio. Alternatively, you can use the RC-Dex remote control, this can fully adjust your volume and programme for you.

Taking phone calls:

If you have an iPhone you can simply answer an incoming call as you would normally.

If you have an Android Smart Phone you can use the Widex Com-Dex to make a phone conversation through your hearing aids whilst listening to TV Play.

Product Specifications:

160 mm Length, 80 mm Width, 15mm Depth

Approx. 108g

Additional information

Weight725 g
Dimensions31 × 23 × 16 cm

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