Bellman & Symfon Maxi Classic Personal Amplifier – BE2020


Discover the joy of better hearing with the Bellman & Symfon Maxi Classic Personal Amplifier! This device connects to headphones, TVs, MP3 Players & hearing aids neck loops. Designed to facilitate listening in diverse environments to suit your lifestyle.

Brand: Bellman & Symfon

Includes: Maxi Classic Unit, Belt Clip, Neck Strap Lanyard, x2 AA Alkaline Batteries & User Manual


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Welcome to Maxi – the revolutionary personal amplifier that uses digital technology to enhance sound quality in difficult hearing situations with or without the need of hearing aids. Due to its large tactile controls and clear indication, Maxi is a popular choice for those with impaired vision and limited dexterity, alongside those who simply prefer easy-to-use devices.

This amplifier has a variety of thoughtful and user-friendly features that can be used for minimizing background noise, listening without disturbance, and hearing clearly in noisy areas.

Where can I use my Maxi?

  • At the Cinema & Theatre
  • In a church
  • At home (connect to your TV or Stereo)
  • In a Restaurant
  • At the Pharmacy or Clinic
  • Visiting the Bank
  • When Shopping for Groceries

The Maxi Classic features T-Coil technology which is provided in abundance in the above environments with an inductive loop (or hearing loop), allowing you to connect and hear with amazing results. You can also connect your Maxi Classic to your TV or sound system at home for easy direct streaming to your ears.

How to use:

  • Use the Volume Control button to increase and decrease the volume level. The Volume and Tone LED Indicator will show the volume level (the higher the volume; the brighter the LEDs). The LED indicator will go out 3 seconds after the volume has been set.
  • Use the Tone Control button to adjust the sound quality. The Volume and Tone LED Indicator will show the tone setting. The LED indicator will go out 3 seconds after the sound quality has been set.

When you have finished, you can switch off Maxi using the On/Off button.

Key Features:


The Maxi Classic is designed to perform extremely well for listening to speech and music with assistance from its built-in microphone. Simply by placing it on the table in the direction of the person you’re talking to their words will become loud and clear in the volume and tone which suits you.

You could choose to hear this speech using either headphones, earphones, neck loops or your hearing aids.

Volume & Tone

When you have difficulty hearing, it can be tempting to crank up the volume of the devices you’re using. However, this is not only not always appreciated by others but could also be detrimental to your hearing loss in the long term.

Thankfully, with the Maxi Classic, you can adjust the tone of your audio as well as the volume to give you a clearer and more personalized listening experience. This feature means that you can enjoy the volume you prefer while not affecting those around you.

Types of Headphones, Earphones & Neck loops:

The Maxi Classic can be used with a variety of audio headphones or earphones which feature a 3.5mm audio jack. You can use a set which you have at home or choose from the specially designed accessories available from Bellman on our website.

  • Bellman Stereo Headphones – BE9122
  • Bellman Audio Neck Loop – BE9159/BE9161
  • Bellman Steto Clips – BE9125
  • Bellman Ear Phones – BE9124

Additional Benefits:

  • T-Coil Technology for use in environment with Hearing Loops
  • Built-in-Microphone for hearing speech and audio
  • Volume & Tone Control for personal hearing adjustments
  • Use with or without hearing aids
  • Uses replaceable AA Batteries for ease of charge
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Large buttons for those of hard of sight or dexterity
  • 2.5mm Audio Input for connecting to external sound sources i.e. TV, Laptop, Stereo etc

What’s included?

  • Maxi Classic
  • Belt Clip
  • Neck Strap Lanyard
  • Two AA alkaline batteries

Product Specifications:

Length: 135mm, Width: 45mm, Depth 25mm

Neck strap: 78 cm

Weight: 87g

Colour: White & Grey



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