Widex TV-DEX – Wireless TV Assistive Listening Device

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Widex have created this lightweight and easy-to-use TV streamer for use with compatible Widex hearing aids. The TV Dex is a palm-sized piece of “EchoFree” tech which makes for an immersive and high quality listening experience from your TV or HiFi system. The TV-Controller II element is worn on a lanyard when in use and recharges on a TV-base station element.

Brand : Widex

Includes : TV-Controller II, Mini USB power supply, Lanyard, 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack cable, 3.5mm jack to phono cable, TV-base, Scart adaptor, User Guide

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Watching television can sometimes be a challenge for hearing aid users but we want to change that with our TV-DEX. High-quality audio is streamed with no delay straight to your hearing aid.

The TV-Dex for use with widex hearing aids is a purpose-built two element system for streaming TV and HiFi audio in incredibly high quality. The two elements are the TV-Controller II and the TV-Base which the controller charges on. The TV-Base is plugged into a power source and also into the television. The TV-Controller II is easily lifted from the base and should be worn around the
neck on the provided lanyard while in use.


It fully charges on the TV-Base in around 4 hours (so ideal for overnight charging) which yields up to 10 hours of uninterrupted stereo streaming. The “EchoFree” technology designed by Widex results in an ultra-low delay in the transmission of sound, giving a clear and undistorted finish.

Simple and tactile up/down buttons on the controller allow for easy volume adjustments without having to search for the television remote. Have the television volume at the level you would
like it without disturbing other members of the household – everyone is happy. A separate button is for the “Room Off” feature which switches the hearing aid microphones off. When enabled, Room Off means that you will not hear annoying and distracting sounds from around the house in the background. Turn this function off when you do want to hear your partner!

● Direct and wireless streaming of TV and HiFi audio to your Widex hearing aids using EchoFree technology – no more distortion
● Generous up to 10 metre operating range
● Full charge provides 10 hours of uninterrupted sound
● Worn controller for adjusting volume without getting out of your chair
● LED emitting diodes indicate device status
● Thoughtful “Room Off” button for switching the hearing aid microphones off while watching/listening, minimising distracting sounds from around the house
● Easy to set up


A full charge provides up to 10 hours of streaming. Charge for 8 hours before first use. To begin sound transmission, press the transmission on/off key on the controller once. An acoustic signal
will sound in your hearing aids and the LED indicator will turn green. Walk out of operating range and the transmission will stop, but on re-entering the range the connection will re-establish automatically.


The Widex TV-Dex is compatible with Widex Evoke*, Beyond/Beyond Z, Unique*, Dream* and Super.

*except for CIC micro devices.

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3 reviews for Widex TV-DEX – Wireless TV Assistive Listening Device

  1. Sally (verified owner)

    Well packed and works fine.

  2. Derek (verified owner)

  3. Christopher W. (verified owner)

    Despite being on ‘back order’ it was delivered within a couple of weeks. Sorting out the wiring to the TV was straightforward but will depend on the features of your set. Getting the hearing aids to pair with the dongle was difficult with no advice provided in the manual. These steps worked:
    Charge dongle overnight,
    Place dongle and hearing aids on table,
    Open and close hearing aid battery compartment,
    Press and hold dongle top button for at least five seconds.
    The range from dongle to TV is fine in open space but down a corridor and into a bedroom causes loss of signal. It reconnects quickly when back in the room. The sound quality is excellent and far exceeds wearing headphones on top of hearing aids. It’s highly recommended but a little expensive.

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