How-To-Series: Identifying and Replacing Hearing Aid Batteries

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The most important part of hearing aid maintenance is knowing how to change the battery because that is what powers your device. Although the lifespan of hearing aid batteries has increased over recent years, they all still need replacing from time-to-time, even rechargeable batteries.

How do I know when the battery needs changing?

A rechargeable battery will last a lot longer than a non-rechargeable. Most hearing aid batteries that are not rechargeable will keep the hearing device powered for anywhere between 3 and 22 days. This will, however, depend on your type of hearing aid, the type of battery, the battery’s capacity and how often you use your hearing aids.

When your batteries are approaching the time to be replaced, you may hear a few pre-warning beeps from your hearing aid. These beeps may continue in intervals until the battery runs out completely. You may also hear more regular beeps before the device is out of power and turns off.

How do I change a hearing aid battery?

To change your hearing aid battery, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the battery door and remove the battery from the device
  2. Remove the label located on the positive (+) side of your new battery
  3. Place the new battery inside the battery door making sure that the (+) side is facing upwards
  4. Close the battery door (your hearing aid may make a sound to indicate that a new battery has been installed)

How do I know if the battery needs replacing?

If your hearing aid randomly switches off you should first test the battery, and you can do this with or without a tester.

With a battery tester – if you do not have a battery tester, place the battery inside of the hearing aid and close the battery door. With your hands cupped around the hearing aid, hold it up to your ear. If you hear a high-pitched sound coming from the hearing aid, the battery is functioning properly.

Without a tester – if you do have a battery tester, put the battery on the surface of the tester making sure that the positive (+) side of the battery is facing upwards. Move the battery in the direction of the arrow and read the results on the display.

What sizes are available?

There are four sizes of hearing aid batteries available:

• Size 10 – 5.8mm x 3.6mm
• Size 312 – 7.9mm x 3.6mm
• Size 13 – 7.9mm x 5.4mm
• Size 675 – 11.6mm x 5.4mm

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids usually take size 13 and 312 batteries, while in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids usually use size 312 or 10 batteries.

Where can I find my size?

There are several ways you can find out the correct size battery for your hearing aid. The first opportunity would be to directly ask your audiologist during fitting, or if not, you can consult the user information guide, and many hearing aids have the size labelled on the inside of the battery door.

Hopefully you will now feel more confident about changing your hearing aid battery (if you haven’t already!) But if you do still feel unsure, please contact our sister company and trained audiologists Hear4U, or get in touch with our friendly customer service on 01455245749. We’re always here to help!


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