Embracing Deafness: How You Can Learn to Love Your Hearing Aids

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The Dangers of Avoidance

Negative mental health effects related to hearing loss, like depression, anxiety, or social isolation, can sometimes cause impacted individuals to avoid pursuing medical attention and obtaining hearing aids adequate for their condition. This can happen because of fear that wearing them will create an even bigger barrier between the one affected and the people they are surrounded by. People experiencing deafness might worry that hearing aids will make them seem and/or feel as if they were aging prematurely or that they may cause others to make assumptions and feel sorry for the individual who is wearing them. Not only do those perceptions lead to further damaging of impacted people’s emotional health, but the avoidance of action that they cause can also lead to worsening of the hearing loss.

Reaching Out for Help: a Whole New World

Although initial anxiety around obtaining a diagnosis and suitable hearing aids is normal, going forward with the process despite of it is the best decision that you can make if you are experiencing hearing loss. In addition to making your day-to-day life easier, being able to hear sounds that you might not have heard for a long time can significantly improve your mental health, too. Simple joys like hearing rain drops tapping on your window, or your cat purring, has the ability to make you feel like you are experiencing an entirely new side of the world that used to be hidden from you.

Breaking the Taboo

Starting to allow yourself to see hearing aids as something that helps you connect with the world and other people more easily instead of something that alienates you even further can feel incredibly empowering. It can help you re-claim ownership of your own body and well-being after a period of time during which you may have felt like you have had no control over those. A woman by the name of Stephanie Newman has written a blog post explaining how she started storing her hearing aids in her jewellery box and how this helped her think of them as precious tech-enabled accessories. Actions like this can help you re-gain control of the way you perceive your hearing aids and break the taboo related to hearing loss that might still be controlling your experience.

DeafMetal® Jewellery: a Statement of Self-Love

We at Hear4U understand the importance of self-expression and the positive effects it can have on the way we think about ourselves. This is why we present you with DeafMetal® jewellery- a brand from Finland which was designed and developed by a hearing aid wearer as a gesture of self-acceptance and confidence. You can fit these onto your hearing aids or hearing implant and join the journey towards breaking the stigma around hearing loss and deafness. Below are our personal favourite pieces from the collection:

1. DeafMetal® Lilac Flower – Cochlear Implant Jewellery

This amazing piece features a beautiful lilac flower attached to a pink leather coil hat. A piece of Velcro is integrated inside the hat, allowing you to attach it to a Cochlear 5, 6 or 7 implant.

2. DeafMetal® Luisa – Hearing Aid Jewellery

This striking piece of jewellery is made up of two sterling silver chains. It attaches to your ear as a stud earring, and to your hearing aid with the DeafMetal Holster (sold separately).

3. DeafMetal® Statement Cross – Hearing Aid Jewellery

If you are looking to make a bold statement, the DeafMetal Statement Cross is the jewellery piece for you. It is made of hypoallergenic sterling silver and can be attached to your hearing aid using the DeafMetal Holster (sold separately).

4. DeafMetal® Pow! – Cochlear Implant Jewellery

Quirky and cartoon inspired, this POW! design is both fun and great looking. It is a printed coil hat made of white leather with a piece of Velcro integrated inside of it that lets you attach it to either a Cochlear 5 and 6, or Cochlear 7 implant.

If you are currently on your journey of learning to love your hearing aids and breaking the stigma surrounding hearing loss, the DeafMetal® collection is perfect for you! You can have a look and find the piece that suits you best here.

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