World’s Smallest White Noise Machine!

Sound Oasis White Noise Machine

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At this time of year it can be difficult to get a moment’s peace. Children are even more excitable than usual, relatives tend to drop by unannounced and every shop seems to be echo with the sounds of Christmas music! While these are all nice things in their own right, especially if, like me, you adore the festive season, it does mean that trying to find that little bit of quiet becomes all the trickier. If this sounds familiar to you, then we might have the perfect gadget to help.

Introducing the Sound Oasis white noise machine: the world’s smallest! This pint-sized device is a portable sound machine designed to help you sleep soundly in busy environments, on planes, manage your tinnitus, improve your concentration and much, much more. It’s so incredibly tiny that it fits easily in the palm of your hand. Easily the best white noise machine available in its size range, The World’s Smallest White Noise Machine includes 10 different and separate tones of white noise complete with tone adjustment and continuous sound without loops. This mini but mighty machine comes with premium earbud headphones, but you are able to use your own headphones, pillow speakers or other compatible devices as you please.

Incredible battery life - and rechargeable too!

This nifty little gadget also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which can be topped up using the provided USB cable. What’s more, the device can run for up to 25 hours at a time on a full charge and can still play if plugged in for continuous use all night.

In addition, the volume control allows for you to set the output level to just how you prefer, while the handy built-in clip means that you can easily attach it to your clothes’ pocket.

Sound Oasis White Noise Machine
Sound Oasis White Noise Machine Ear Buds

Perfect for Tinnitus and Noise Isolation

You can effectively manage your tinnitus all day long with this small yet powerful white noise machine. Whether you prefer a low-level sound to mask tinnitus or ambient sounds to help you concentrate, the World’s Smallest White Noise Machine is perfect for you.

White noise itself is a clinically proven method to help aid sleep and improve concentration, and is ideal for blocking out irritating noises and managing tinnitus.

Woman In Bed Relaxing To Sound Oasis White Noise Machine

 The machine comes with a huge variety of pre-recorded sounds, including: Thunderstorm, Gentle rain, Rain with White Noise, Stream, Stream with White Noise, Natural White Noise, Pink Noise, Ocean Surf, Ocean Surf with White Noise, Grey Noise, Ocean Surf with Delta Waves, Oceans and Crickets, Woodlands, Hawaiian Waves, White Noise, White Noise 4K, White Noise 8K, Full Spectrum, Thera1 1k-10k, Thera 2 1k-10k, Thera 3 1k to 10k, Thera 2k-k, Thera 2.5k to 5k, Thera 9k -3.2k.

Key Features

World leading sound quality

Excellent, clear-cut sounds to make your listening experience as relaxing as can be.

Sound Oasis White Noise Machine
Sound Oasis White Noise Machine

Seamless Sleep Enhance experience

Patented Sleep Enhance is bolstered by advanced sound processing so that you don’t even notice the sounds lulling you into restful sleep.

Improved clock and alarm setting features

Simple and easy to set up, getting up has never been easier.

Sound Oasis White Noise Machine Buttons

Refreshed appearance

New sleek, elegant black design.

USB or battery powered

The sound machine is supplied with an AC power adaptor; but it can also be charged by a standard USB adapter or 4 AA batteries (not included).

Sound Oasis White Noise Machine Charging Ports

What's in the package?

  • White noise machine
  • Premium Earbud headphones with Aluminum housing
  • USB charging cable
  • Deluxe travel case

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