ReSound TV Streamer 2

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Stream crystal clear TV in an instant with family and friends thanks to the revolutionary GNReSound TV Streamer 2. With an impressive range of over 23 feet, simply connect your Hearing Aids and enjoy a cinema worthy experience every time.

Brand : GN Resound

This product Includes : 1 x GN ReSound TV Streamer 1 x Power Cable 1 x TV Connector 1 x Power Converter Plug

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The new wireless GNReSound TV Streamer has been developed to provide you with the easiest streaming opportunity for your hearing aids. The main issue people with hearing loss face when it comes to watching TV is their tendency to increase the volume beyond comfortable levels for those watching it with them.

This hearing assisted device removes this issue and allows everyone involved to watch the TV at their own comfortable levels, whilst still being able to hold a conversation over the sound.

Version 2 has removed the previous synchronization error in previous models giving you a much better sound to image quality without the sound lagging behind.

Better Range

The benefits don’t end there, thanks to the GNReSound TV Streamer 2’s special long range design, it produces a clear signal within 23 feet (7 meters) without the need of a repeater. This range can be extended with a specialist repeater (CLICK HERE – Link to repeater).

Phone Compatibility

The GNReSound TV Streamer 2 also comes with smartphone compatibility allowing you to control both your hearing aids and your TV without the need to move from your favourite sofa. One of the biggest improvements of version 2 is its automatic reconnection feature, if you leave the room and return within 5 minutes your hearing aids will automatically reconnect to the device.

Useful Addons

An additional accessory to enhance this aspect is the GNReSound Phone Clip+ which allows you to notice a phone call and override your TV volume with it if necessary. It has been created to be 100% Hearing Aid Compatible for GNReSound Hearing Aid users who desire great sound quality from their TV or Stereo.



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