GN ReSound TV Streamer 2 & Remote Control 2 *BUNDLE DEAL*


The fantastic GN ReSound TV Streamer 2 means that you can finally enjoy super sharp TV streaming with your family and friends at a volume that suits you!

Coupled with the ReSound Remote Control 2, you can kick back, relax and control your hearing aid volume and TV programs in an instant.

What’s more, the combination boasts an impressive 23-feet (7 metre) range so that you can enjoy a cinematic experience each and every time.

Brand: GN ReSound

Includes: GN ReSound TV Streamer 2, Power Cable, TV Connector, Power Converter Plug, User Manual, GN ReSound Remote Control 2, RF Transmitter

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Save a cool £17 when buying this bundle!


The GN ReSound TV Streamer 2 plugs directly into your main power with the cable provided. The GN ReSound Remote Control 2 is fully rechargeable: simply charge the battery by using the power cable supplied by plugging it directly into the base of the device. Once this has been done, you can see the level of charge on the remote’s main display. This will show as either one, two or three bars. Three indicates a full charge, while a flashing icon with no bars means a low battery. After 20 seconds of non-use the device will go into sleep mode in order to conserve its battery life. To wake it up, just press a button and it will become fully functional once more.


Using the TV Streamer 2:

The GN ReSound TV Streamer has been specifically designed to give you maximum peace of mind when watching TV as part of a group. Often people who wear hearing aids find it difficult to interact with those that don’t because of the difference in TV volume. Thanks to this excellent device, that is now a thing of the past: each person can watch the TV at their own personal level while still being able to enjoy the conversation. In addition, the TV Streamer 2 has a fantastic 23-foot (7 metre) range, which means that you can kick back and enjoy a truly cinematic experience.

To begin use, connect the power supply to the wall socket with the cable provided, and insert it into the TV Streamer 2’s micro-USB slot.

You can then connect the audio to your device through several different methods:

Audio Jack

Insert the male stereo mini-jack on the audio cable into the female stereo mini-jack input on the TV streamer 2. After, plug the other end into the ‘Audio Out’ socket on your chosen audio device. This is usually marked ‘L’ and ‘R’ for left and right, and can usually be found on the back of your stereo, computer or TV.

Headphone Jack

Alternatively, you can use the headphones/audio socket if your device does not feature the left and right alignment. Place the audio cable directly into the appropriate slot.

SCART Adapter

Failing this, it is also possible to use a SCART adapter to attach directly into the back of your TV; just place the left and right red/white cables into the adapter itself, then into the back of your device. This is usually placed on the back of the television.

Toslink Audio Input

Connect the audio input cable to the corresponding socket on the back of the TV Streamer 2, and then to your chosen device through the ‘Digital Audio Out/Optical’ socket.

Coaxial Audio Input

If your socket has a ‘Digital Audio Out/Coaxial’ slot instead, then repeat the above method with the appropriate cable.

Pairing your device

Up to three seperate devices can be paired to your TV Streamer 2.

1. To initiate pairing, ensure that your device is switched on and the LED is green.

2. Ensure that the extra devices you wish to pair are turned OFF.

3. Then press the pairing button the suitable amount of times for the channel you wish to pair with, i.e. once for pairing channel one, three times for pairing channel three.

4. The TV streamer 2 will now display a flashing yellow light for 20 seconds to indicate that it is now in pairing mode.

5. Turn on your other device. Once the device is successfully paired, an audible melody will be played from both hearing instruments.


Using the Remote Control:

The GN ReSound Bundle comes complete with the Remote Control 2, which allows you to control both your hearing aids and your TV without the need to move from your favourite resting spot!

1. When using the remote control press the streaming button.

2. Once the hearing aids connect to the TV streamer an audible melody will play in both ears to confirm the pairing.

3. You can now start and stop streaming at the push of a button.

The Remote Control 2 also features an excellent reconnection function. If you leave the room for 5 minutes and then return, your hearing aids will automatically reconnect.



Compatible with GN Resound & Danalogic hearing aid ranges:

  • ReSound One
  • ReSound Quattro Linx
  • ReSound Linx 3D
  • ReSound Enzo Q & Enzo 3D
  • Danalogic Ambio 66/77 & 98

If your hearing aid is not mentioned please feel free to get in touch with our dedicated support and we can check the compatibility for you.

You can also link the TV Streamer 2 to your BeMore App to access the features from there.

Key Features:

  • Crystal-clear audio streaming
  • Personalized volume
  • Excellent range
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Instant, simple controls

Useful Addons:

An excellent addition to this package is the GN ReSound Phone Clip+ which can detect phone calls and override your TV volume if necessary.

What’s in the box:

  •  1 x GN ReSound TV Streamer 2
  •  1 x USB Power Cable
  •  1 x Power Plug
  •  1 x Analogue/Mini-Jack Audio Cable
  •  1 x Optical (Toslink) Audio Input
  •  1 x Coaxial Audio Cable
  •  1 x TV Connector Adapter
  •  1 x User Manual
  •  1 x GN ReSound Remote Control 2
  •  1 x RF Transmitter


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