AVANTEK White Noise Machine

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Compact and portable White Noise machine to enhance sleep, soothe babies and improve focus.

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The AVANTEK White Noise Machine Features –

  • 20 SOOTHING SOUNDS: Non-looping sound recordings of high quality; includes 6 types of white noise, 6 fan sounds and 8 nature sounds (ocean waves, rain, wind, stream, birds, campfire, cricket and clock); great for babies, children and adults
  • PERFECT FOR BABY SLEEPING: A wide range of volumes with 30 levels allows you to find the comfort level for your baby and family, which helps to create a perfect sleeping environment and effectively protect your baby’s hearing
  • TIMER & MEMORY FUNCTIONS: Supports continuous play or auto-off timer between 1-7 hours so you can sleep more soundly without the worry to manually turn off the machine; automatically restores your previous volume, sound and timer
  • WARRANTY: Approved by FCC, CE and RoHS; 45-day money back, 24-month product warranty and lifetime customer service.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: Small and lightweight; easily fits into your handbag, backpack or suitcase, making it perfect for home, office and travel use; powered via a 5 V power adapter or a USB charging port (power adapter NOT included)

The AVANTEK White Noise Machine Basic comes with 20 soothing sounds: 6 types of white noise, 6 fan sounds, 8 nature sounds including ocean waves, rain, wind, stream, birds, campfire, cricket and clock. All the sounds played by this machine are crisp, natural, realistic, and free of scratches, which helps you block out distractions, creating an environment ideal for sleep, relaxation and concentration on study or work.

Enhances Your Focus

Is it hard for you to concentrate on your study or work?

This machine can help to improve your concentration by reducing the disturbance from the surrounding noises.

Timer & Memory Functions

The timer function sets the device to play for 1-7 hours or continuously. After the timer is set, the continuous soothing sound will let you and your baby fall asleep quicker and deeper whether it be nap time or night time. Insomniacs also find it easy to fall asleep peacefully with our white noise machine.

When the time is up, the volume will subtly fade out without disturbing you. The next time you power on the device, it will automatically adjust to the preset settings.

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