Ear Plugs, Defenders & Ear Protection For Kids

In order to protect your child from hearing loss, choose from our wide range of children’s ear plugs, ear defenders and  sound limiting headphones.

Our ear protection products include earplugs for airplanes, children’s hearing aid care kits and a bunch of fun accessories such as colourful ear hooks and the cute Leo the Lion Phonak clip!

Why would children need our range of hearing aid accessories?

Hearing loss in children is more common than you would expect. Hearing loss can be sudden in some cases, but more often it happens gradually. As hearing loss occurs, your child can benefit from our carefully selected range of hearing aid care products.

Reasons your child may develop hearing loss:

– A perforated eardrum.
– Otosclerosis or Meniere’s diseases. Which are progressive infections like meningitis, measles, mumps or whooping cough.
– Taking medications linked to hearing loss (see above).
– A serious head injury.
– Exposure to loud noise, causing noise-induced hearing loss.
– Untreated or frequent ear infections.
– Exposure to secondhand smoke.

What types of hearing aids can I get for my children?

There are many different types of hearing aids you can get for your child, including:

– Behind-the-ear hearing aids (the most common type). These are hearing aids that go around the top and back of the ear.
– In-the-ear hearing aids. Small hearing aids that fit in the opening of the ear.
– In-the-canal hearing aids. Very small hearing aids that fit a bit further into the opening of the ear, so they’re just visible.

Maintaining a child’s hearing aids:

It is very important to look after you child’s hearing aids and keep them well-maintained. It is also critical to keep your child’s earmould clean and free from wax.

Ear-moulds should be cleaned at least once a week. check out our specialist hearing aid cleaning products on our hearing aid maintenance category.

To avoid your child’s hearing aids being lost, take a look at our great range of hearing aid accessories for children above!

Customisation options available for children

Hearing Aid Accessories offers a wide range of different customisation options. You or your child can pick from lots of options to help them personalise their hearing-assistive devices.

These include:

Most of our products come in a wide range of vibrant colours.

This helps alleviate stress children get from wearing assistive devices like hearing aids, and can make them fit in better at school.

Some of our products come with a cartoon figure, such as Leo The Lion.

These can make it easier for your child to accept their hearing devices and enjoy wearing them. They also further reduce their stress levels at home and at school.

All our products come in a range of different sizes, specifically designed to fit any child’s ear.

Just select your product, pick a size and order from our website!

Financial assistance for children with a hearing disability

There are several programs in the UK that can provide funding your child’s hearing disability. Many schools are in direct contact with these organisations and can pass your details onto them. Alternatively you can contact them directly:

This is a charity that provides both financial aid, as well as support for young children and their parents. This can help children come to terms with the difficulties associated with leading a life of hearing impairment.

This charity exists for the purpose of supporting children and young people who suffer from a hearing impediment.

It offers several grants that can help you buy the specialist equipment you need.

You can contact this specialist team through your local council. They can provide money towards specialist hearing equipment. However you will usually need a referral from your audiologist to apply.

This organisation provides a variety of grants.

They also provide educational support for children who are suffering from a hearing disability. This can include private tutoring, work experience schemes and holiday programmes.

A worldwide organisation committed to the ideals of improving life and creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities. They offer a number of grants to help cover the costs associated with hearing impediment. 

Hearing Aid Accessories for kids at school

Hearing equipment funding at school:

It is common for school districts to dedicate disability funding to schools. This if specifically for the purpose of providing funding for assistive hearing devices in the classroom and essential for those who cannot independantly fund the devices themselves, or schools who have multiple students with hearing disabilities.

Contact your child’s school today to see what grants and support may be available for you.