Nuheara IQbuds Boost Wireless Earbuds


Award winning IQbuds™ allow you to hear what you want to hear in the world around you. NUHEARA wireless IQbuds are the worlds most intelligent ear buds that offer a personalised hands-free listening experience.

Brand : Nuheara

This product Includes : 1  Pair x Nuheara IQbuds Wireless Earbuds 1 x Charging Case 1 x USB Cable 8 x Pairs of Tips 1 x Quick Start Guide Registration Booklet 1 x Lithium Polymer Batteries Required (Included)

The IQ Buds Boost has now been discontinued by Nuheara. Look out for the NEW IQ Buds Max available soon. 



IQbuds use their Super Intelligent Noise Cancellation technology (SINC) to allow the wearer to hear conversation in a noisy environment better by giving you control to reduce the ambient back ground noise and enhance the speech noise to provide a more comfortable listening environment.

Main Features

• Super Intelligent Noise Cancellation technology (SINC)
• High fidelity audio
• Dynamic noise control
• Blended audio worlds
• Compatible with Android and IOS and can pair with your iPad
• Best battery life for a wireless ear bud.

Compatible with Bluetooth Devices

High fidelity audio allows the wearer to stream music, audio content and accept phone calls by using the simple tap controls on the ear buds you can stop, start, pause, change music tracks and accept your phone calls.

The IQbuds offer 16 hours on-the-go Bluetooth streaming and 32 hours on-the-go Hearing Processing. To charge the ear buds they are placed into the case and the light will indicate they are charging. A full charge takes 90 minutes for every 15 minutes charged you get between 1 to 2 hours battery life. Using a combination of Bluetooth streaming and hearing process puts IQbuds as the industry leader in combined battery power.

Tune Out Unnecessary Noise

Dynamic noise control lets you tune in and out of the environment around you. Giving the wearer the ability to tune out of the noise around to focus on work, perfect for open plan offices.
Blended audio worlds mean you do not have to choose between listening to your music or the environment around you when out walking or cycling. This feature allows you to have an awareness of the natural sounds around you as well as listening to your favourite music or audio.

IQbuds App For MoreVersatility

When you receive your IQbuds you will download the IQbuds app from your app store or google play and pair your ear buds to the chosen device, this can be a mobile phone or compatible iPad or tablet as long as it supports Bluetooth dual mode 4.2. When paired you have control over customising the settings for your ear buds.

Benefits and features of using the app.

• Use the Ear ID function to assess your hearing and calibrate the IQbuds to your hearing profile.
• Location function to customise how you hear in different environments.
• Control the volume of what you hear through the ear buds.
• Reduce background noise in loud environments and enhance speech sounds.
• Customise the way you control your ear buds using the tap gestures when your phone is not to hand.
• Stream your audio directly to your ear buds and control the volume to listen to it at your own level.


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