Amplicomms DB130 Hearing Aids Portable Dry Box


Keep your hearing aids in tip top condition with this portable drying box from Amplicomms. The DB130 Hearing Aid Portable Dry Box comes in a small zip pouch making it the perfect solution for weekends away or hospital stays, or simply if you do not have much space on your bedside table!

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Brand : Amplicomms

This product Includes : 1 x Amplicomms DB130 Hearing Aid Portable Dry Box 1 x microUSB power supply 1 x Travel Pouch



Take care of your hearing aids anywhere with this travel drying box. Heading away from home for a weekend break, hospital stay or work trip? This compact drying box can be easily packed in its travel pouch to come away with you.

Keeping your hearing aids in good condition should involve frequent removal of excess moisture and wax – which can impair your hearing aids, affecting your sound experience. By making sure your hearing aids are in pristine condition, you can extend their overall lifetime.

Drying boxes are made especially for removing moisture! The DB 130 is a compact and portable drying box suitable for all styles and sizes of hearing aid. The use of this drying box will reduce the risk of ear infection as the UV-C sterilisation (253,7nm) reduces the accumulation of nasty germs.

Drying Hearing Aids

The box automatically runs the 4-hour drying cycle. The cycle is as follows:

  • 6 minutes of UV light
  • Approx. 3 hours 48 minutes of drying using gentle air circulation
  • 6 minutes of UV light


At the end of the cycle, the DB 130 will automatically turn itself off making it suitable for over-night use. The box itself is easy to use, with only one large button to press to begin the cycle making it suitable for those with dexterity or visual impairment. An LED light indicates the status of the cycle.

The Amplicomms DB130 Hearing Aid Portable Dry Box eliminates 99.9% of germs, approved by accredited laboratory (Bureau Veritas)

Technical specifications

Dimensions of chamber are approx. 6-8cm(d) x 4-6cm(w) x 1.5 cm(h). (Variations in dimensions are due to the curved shape).

Requires mains power : Power adapter, AC input 100 – 240 V 50/60 Hz, DC output 5 V 1A

Supplied with microUSB power supply and travel pouch.


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