Dry & Store Global II


This brilliant device sanitises and dries your hearing aids, providing safe storage and care during the night.

  • Brand: Ear Technology
  • Compatibility: compatible with all types of hearing aid devices
  • Included: 1 x Dry & Store Global II, 1 x Cable

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The Dry & Store Global II uses heat, moving air and a desiccant to sanitise and withdraw moisture from your hearing device. It runs on an 8-hour cycle before automatically switching off. The device features a germicidal lamp that produces ultraviolet UV-C waves which eliminate 99% of the bacteria most found in the ear canal. In this way, it reduces itching and prevents the re-introduction of bacteria into the canal, minimising the risk of infection and irritation for the hearing device user.

How to use:

The device is mains operated and has a simple ‘on’ switch that starts it. Upon pressing it, a blue and green indicator light will switch on. When the first cleaning cycle has finished, the blue light will turn off and the green one will remain on for the remainder of the eight-hour cycle.

Inside of the Dry & Store Global II, there are two compartments: one for the Dry Brik desiccant, and another for your hearing device. Before placing your aid inside, wipe off any excess moisture from it and open the battery compartments to allow for air circulation. The batteries can remain inside the hearing device for the duration of the cycle.

In case the device is opened before the cycle has finished, the timer will reset itself. When the process is complete, the hearing aids can safely remain inside the Dry & Store Global II until you need to wear them again.

It is recommended that you use the Dry & Store Global every night in order to increase the performance and life of your hearing aids and reduce the risk of infections and itchiness.


The Dry & Store Global II can be used with all types of hearing devices, including hearing aids, cochlear implant hardware, microphones, headpieces, and speech processors.

Features and benefits:

  • Elegant design
  • Compact and convenient
  • UV-C light eliminates 99% of bacteria
  • Perfect for overnight use
  • Blue and green light indicator
  • Does not require removal of the hearing aid batteries while in use
  • Heat circulation removes moisture and odour

Included in the box:

This product includes: 1 x Dry & Store Global II, 1 x Cable

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 12.4 x 18.3 x 8.4 cm

Capacity: 85 g

Weight: 453 g

Additional information

Weight881 g
Dimensions31 × 23 × 16 cm


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