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Mobile Phones For the Elderly & Hard of Hearing

A mobile phone is an essential part of your life in the modern world For those whom are hard of hearing or elderly may feel themselves missing out. But with our range of the best mobile phones for elderly people and those with hearing difficulties, you will never miss a phone call again!

Whether you are young or old, you’re sure to find a model below that suits your requirements. Remember, you can always contact one of our product experts for further advice.

Why would I need a mobile phone for the hard of hearing?

Your hearing is a very delicate thing and over time you may experience some hearing loss. If this happens then communicating on a mobile phone can end up being quite difficult. It can also be difficult to hear the mobile when it rings. However, there are mobile phones available that are specifically designed for elderly people and those with hearing loss. Some of these mobile phones can connect to your hearing aid directly via a telecoil. 

What are the advantages of a mobile phone for the hard of hearing?

These mobile phones are considerably louder than the average mobile, meaning those who have trouble hearing their ringtone will no longer miss that important call.

If you have hearing aids, you can now connect them to your mobile phone, meaning the sound quality is better than ever. This is primarily due to sound being transmitted in a more efficient fashion, whilst also being cleared up by your hearing aids.

Hearing aids can cause issues with normal mobile phones such as a ringing coming from your hearing aid, but with this our range that issue disappears, as the devices work together rather than interrupt each other.

All of our mobile phones come with larger and more prominent buttons, essential for the elderly and individuals that suffer from vision loss alongside hearing loss.

Our range of amplified mobile phones are specifically designed to produce a clear signal, with significantly better clarity in comparison to standardised models.

What level of hearing loss are these phones suitable for?

Our range of amplified phones are all designed for different levels of hearing loss, including mild and profound. They are all designed to make keeping in touch a pleasure again, while empowering you to make your life easier with hearing loss.

What is our most popular brand?

Doro phones are our most popular brand for mobile phones, as they are specially designed to be intuitive and simple to use. They are seen as an essential accessory for someone who has never used a mobile phone before, they are also louder than standard phone models.

What are our most popular products?

Telecoil symbol

Do you offer a Telecoil option with the phones?

We offer a telecoil option on a lot of our mobile phones and it depends on the model you choose to buy. It also depends on whether your hearing aid model is compatible, therefore we would like to advise that you get in contact with one of our hearing aid accessory specialists by calling:

0116 262 3279 or sending an email to

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