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Doro 5030 Mobile Phone

£66.67 exc VAT

Doro 5030 Mobile Phone

£66.67 exc VAT

Brand : Doro

This product Includes : 1 x Doro 5030 Mobile Phone 1 x AC Adapter Charger 1 x 8oomAh Li-ion Battery

Dimensions of Product : 117mm x 53mm x 14mm

Easy to use mobile with a classic simple design making every day calls and text simple. Easy to use Doro phone available in two colours. Wide spaced clear buttons. Handy features including; torch light, alarm, assistance button and reminders.

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With the Doro 5030 Mobile Phone it has never been easier to enjoy communicating with family and friends. This phone is perfect for the elderly, or someone with a hearing loss, there are many features with this phone that can be hidden depending on the person and if they find technology confusing.

With its large, spaced apart buttons it makes it easy to dial phone numbers or even send text messages. The 5030 makes someone with a hearing impairment or a hearing loss understand the speaker on the other side of the phone with a loud and clear sound.

When first setting the phone up you can set the text size, ring tone, volume just the way you want it from day one.

Main Features

This product comes with many handy features such as a being Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC), an Assistance button, In Case of Emergency (ICE) functions, visual ring indicator, torch and speakerphone options.

It also includes many of the standard features you would find on a modern phone like a calculator, alarm, daily reminder, calendar and the option to make a top 10 contact list for ease of access.

As well as many more of the standard phone features.


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