Doro 5030 Mobile Phone


The Doro 5030 Mobile Phone is an easy to use mobile phone with a classic simple design making every day calls and text simple. Wide spaced clear buttons. Handy features including; torch light, alarm, assistance button and reminders.

Brand : Doro

This product Includes : 1 x Doro 5030 Mobile Phone 1 x AC Adapter Charger 1 x 8oomAh Li-ion Battery

Dimensions of Product : 117mm x 53mm x 14mm



The Doro 5030 extra loud mobile phone offers high-quality sound, with a ringer volume up to 83dB, that’s 5 times louder than a standard mobile.

Doro 5030 – A Classic Mobile Phone

Not only does it offer quality sound and attention to detail, but the Doro 5030 also represents value for money and is available at an incredible price. The classically designed Doro 5030 is the updated amplified mobile phone which replaced its predecessor, the ever so popular PhoneEasy 508.

An Enjoyable Communication Experience 

The Doro 5030 prides itself on providing simplistic features and design.

With a well-spaced keypad, clear colour display and extra loud, adjustable volume, making a phone call should be a pleasure rather than a task. The high contrast, convex keys make texting so much easier. Special features include SMS and predictive text functionality, a torch, wake-up alarm, vibrating ringer and assistance button in case of an emergency. This is a phone with simplicity at its heart.

The Doro 5030 is supplied SIM-free, so you choose your network provider or opt to continue with your existing SIM card.


  • 7 Volume settings
  • 83dB ringer volume (about 5 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • Tone Control
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility Rating T4/M3
  • Microphone mute

Main Features:

  • Speakerphone
  • SMS with predictive text
  • 100 number phonebook
  • Remote management feature
  • 2 one-touch speed dials
  • Vibrating ringer
  • Backlit keypad
  • Keytone
  • Startup wizard – great feature which guides you through phone menu and functions
  • FM-radio
  • Torch
  • Assistance button
  • Calculator
  • Games
  • Calendar with reminder
  • Wake up alarm


  • Colour display
  • Display size (H x W mm) 28*35
  • Resolution (H x W pixels) 128*160
  • Handset size (mm) 117*53*14
  • Handset weight including battery (g) 78
  • Headset outlet (3.5mm)
  • Standby time (up to hours) 530
  • Talk time (up to hours) 9
  • Battery included (type) 800mAh Li-ion
  • GSM (Tri-band) 900/1800/1900
  • Bluetooth 3.0


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