Doro 6050 Mobile Phone


The Doro 6050 phone has a caller ID display on the outside and a large 2.8″ screen on the inside, with wide-spaced clear buttons that help to ensure easy use. Perfect for users who are hard of hearing, partially sighted or elderly.

Brand : Doro

Included with Item : 1 x Doro 6050 Mobile Phone 1 x Charging USB Cable 1 x Instruction Manual.



The new Doro 6050 has a 2.8-inch screen, which is a fairly typical size for a clamshell phone. There’s an additional 1.3-inch screen on top of the phone’s lid. This shows you important details at a glance, such as who is calling you, the time, and text message notifications.

We like that the on-screen menu is clearly labelled. This is true of most simple mobile phones, but one feature we really like on the Doro 6050 is the option of an action-based menu.

By default, you’ll see options like ‘Phonebook’ and ‘Messages’ on the menu. However, you can change this so you’ll see categories like ‘Call’, which upon pressing gives you a few choices such as ‘Number’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Voice Mail’. We think this is really handy for those not especially confident with technology.

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