Bellman Pager Receiver and Charger

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Notifies you with vibrations and a lighted symbol when a Visit transmitter is being activated. It is small, light-weight and can be carried in your pocket or on your belt. During the night, you can connect a bed shaker to the charger accessory.

Brand : Bellman

This product Includes : 1 x Bellman Pager Receiver (Relevant manual and accessories included) 1 x Bellman Pager Charger (Relevant manual, wires and accessories included) 1 x AAA Battery

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The Bellman Visit Pager Receiver differs from other receivers in the Visit System as it can actually be attached to you using the supplied belt clip or safety cord. This makes it perfect for users who are active in their house, moving from room to room, who want to stay aware of any activity their transmitters pick up.

The Bellman Visit range does offer portable receivers, but what if you’re after something really compact? Whilst Bellman’s Portable Receivers can be carried about with you, they are not designed to be attached to your person.

This is not ideal if you wish to have a really lightweight, mobile device that can easily travel around your house with you. Making the Bellman Pager Receiver and Charger the perfect purchase!

Accessible and convenient, this handy pager ensures you’ll never miss an alert, whether this is the ringing of your telephone, or something more urgent like the sounding of the fire alarm.


This Pager Receiver also comes with the charger.

Simply slot your Bellman Visit Pager into the machine, allowing it to charge. A full recharge generally takes up to eight hours so connecting it at nighttime is suggested, meaning when you wake in the morning your receiver will be as ready for the day ahead as you are.

How Does the Pager Receiver Work?

The Pager can operate on both standard and rechargeable batteries, allowing for its portability without the restriction of wires. It is activated by radio signals from transmitters in your Visit System, and alerts you when the transmitter picks something up through light and discreet vibration signals.

The settings can be customised to distinguish between individual triggers. So, if you have several transmitters for different sources of sound, your receiver can process this and ensure that the reason for the indication is evident.



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