Bellman & Symfon Visit Door Transmitter for Doorbell – BE1411


The Door Transmitter is designed to alert you by activating your Bellman Visit receivers in your home, signalling you whenever someone is at the door, whether it be a parcel delivery or a friend/relative coming to visit.

Brand: Bellman & Symfon

Included: 1x Door Transmitter, 2x 1.5 V AA (LR6) lithium or alkaline batteries, 1x Velcro wall mounting, 2x screw and wall plug, 1x user manual.

Please allow an additional 3 - 5 working days for delivery


Part of the Visit home system created by Bellman & Symfon, the Door Transmitter is designed to notify you whenever there is someone at your door, so that you can easily keep track of the comings and goings in your home.

How to use:

Bellman & Symfon products are designed to work straight out of the box, allowing for easy pairing with each other. To use the Door Transmitter, simply place it next to your existing doorbell on the inside of your home.

When your doorbell rings, the following alerts will occur:

  • The LED on the transmitter will light up in green to show that it is signalling the receiver
  • The LED on the receiver will light up in green and it will start to sound, flash or vibrate with a certain signal pattern determined by the transmitter and the connected accessories

Types of signal patterns:

  • LED Green Light Signals
  • Door Chime Sound Signals
  • Slow Vibration Signals

You can also use the Door Transmitter alongside an Intercom by purchasing the Bellman & Symfon External Microphone. Simply place the Microphone on the speaker of your Intercom system and connect it to your Door Transmitter. This will then alert one of your Bellman Receivers whenever the Intercom is called.

In case you have a door buzzer or a simple ‘ding-dong’ doorbell, you can optimize the Door Transmitter to allow those short sounds to activate the alert by simply following the optimizing sequence included in the user manual.


The Door Transmitter is compatible with the following receivers:

  • Portable receiver
  • Flash receiver
  • Pager receiver charger
  • Wrist receiver

Features and benefits:

  • Sleek design
  • LED lights
  • Battery operated
  • Test/program buttons
  • Available for use with Intercom systems (when connected to Bellman External Microphone, sold separately)
  • Wall mounts included

Included in the box:

1x Door Transmitter, 2x 1.5 V AA (LR6) lithium or alkaline batteries, 1x Velcro wall mounting, 2x screw and wall plug, 1x user manual.

Product specifications:

Dimensions: 100mm x 65mm x 27mm

Weight: 120g (incl. batteries)


Additional information

Weight273 g
Dimensions13 × 13 × 13 cm