Bellman and Symfon BE1270 Visit Bed Shaker

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Part of the Visit home system created by Bellman & Symfon notifying you with vibrating sequences when one or multiple transmitters are alerted around your home.

Designed to keep you connected to your family and friends as well as keeping you safe in your home, even when you are sleeping. Simply place it under you pillow or mattress and connect to you Bellman & Symfon receiver.

Brand : Bellman

Includes : 1x Bed Shaker with 2-meter cable length, 1x User Manual.

Please allow an additional 3 - 5 working days for delivery

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The Bed Shaker is designed to wake you with powerful vibrations under your pillow or mattress when an alert from one of your transmitters around your home is activated. The Bed Shakers requires no internal battery and connects to all Visit receivers and charger accessories.

Helping you stay in control of your home, and never missing that important phone call, that special delivery at the door, or your babies cry. Safety is paramount and the Bed Shaker also alerts you with a powerful, long and constant vibrating sequence if your fire alarm sounds.

Required to allow these alerts to be received by the Bed Shaker you would connect it to one of the below receivers, and pair your receivers to one of the below transmitters.

Receivers which the Bed Shaker connects to:

  • Portable receiver
  • Flash receiver
  • Pager receiver charger
  • Wrist receiver

How it works:

Bellman & Symfom products are designed to work straight out of the box, easy pairing with your other Bellman & Symfon products.

The powerful vibrating sequences are designed to wake even those heavy sleepers, and each sequence is different. Simply connect the Bed Shaker to your chosen receiver before you go to bed, and the signal will be received when a transmitter is alerted. The anti-slip surface also helps keep the Bed Shaker in place, and the operating low voltage makes it safe to use.

Transmitter Alerts available on the Bellman & Symfon Receivers:

Examples of vibrating sequences.

  • Door Transmitter = Slow, Constant
  • Push Button Transmitter = Slow, Constant
  • Telephone Transmitter = Medium, Intermittent
  • Baby Monitor = Fast, Intermittent
  • Smoke Alarm = Long, Constant


  • Stylish and Discreet
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Difference vibrating sequences
  • Powerful Vibrations
  • Safe low voltage operation
  • Compatibility with Bellman & Symfon receiver, please see above
  • 2-meter cable

The Bed Shaker uses 868 mega hurts frequency, please check the availability om your country if purchasing from outside the UK.

Product Specifications:

Height: 88 mm, Width: 88 mm, Depth: 27 mm. Weight: 120 g.


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