Bellman & Symfon Visit CO Alarm Transmitter BE1555 – Carbon Monoxide


Part of the ‘Visit Home’ system created by Bellman & Symfon which notifies you and helps keep you safe in your home.

This incredible tool notifies you of dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide early and through your chosen Bellman receiver with an alert. Houses a sealed battery which lasts up to 10 years.

Please note this BE1555 is for UK / Europe use only.

Includes: Bellman CO Alarm Unit, Fixing Pack & User Manual

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The Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Transmitter is designed to alert you by activating your Bellman Visit receivers which are placed in your home, allowing you to help keep you and your family safe.

Simple fix the unit onto your wall with the provided fixing, and then test using the appropriate button. Upon detecting dangerous levels on carbon monoxide an alert is sent to your chosen Bellman Receivers, such as the:

  • Portable receiver
  • Flash receiver
  • Pager receiver charger
  • Wrist receiver
  • Alarm Clock Receiver

Bellman Receiver (sold separately)

Please note this BE1555 is for UK / Europe use only.

The CO notification on your chosen receiver is described as an alternative flashing sequence or vibrating sequence dependant on your receiver of choice. You can also choose to use the broadcast setting and transmit this signal from the CO transmitter to ALL of your Visit Receivers, helping to notify you no matter where you are in your home.

The CO Alarm, just like other Bellman Visit products, has the option to change the radio key setting to customize your system.

Types of Signal and Leakage Levels:

When the alarm detects over 43ppm CO a red-light indicator appears on the unit as per the below table, this helps to locate leaks straightaway.

You will also be notified by sounds and lights when the battery is running low, if unit life span has diminished or the unit is faulty.


What is Carbon Monoxide? 

Each year many people are killed and suffer from illnesses due to Carbon Monoxide exposure. CO is an invisible, odourless, tasteless, and extremely toxic gas.

High levels of CO in your home can be caused by:

  • Incorrectly or poorly installed fuel-burning appliances.
  • Blocked or cracked chimneys/flues.
  • Blocked vents or draught-proofing which makes areas with fuel burning appliances or fireplaces airtight.
  • Engines of cars, lawnmowers etc. left running in confined spaces.
  • Portable paraffin or gas heaters in badly ventilated rooms.

We recommend installing a CO Alarm in each room which contains any of the above causes, including rooms which include a fuel burning applicant – especially where people spend most of their time and sleep.

You can also fit this alarm in caravans and boats.


  • Modern clean design
  • LED Lights & Sounds
  • Suitable for ALL Bellman Visit Receivers
  • Up to 200-metre range
  • Battery operated, up to 10 years battery life
  • Wall fixings included
  • Test Buttons
  • Custom radio key settings
  • Bright and repeating alerts
  • Broadcast mode available to alert ALL your different Bellman Receivers at once.


Bellman CO Alarm Unit, Fixing Pack & User Manual

Additional information

Weight385 g
Dimensions13 × 13 × 13 cm


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