Nuheara IQbuds Boost Wireless Earbuds

£250.00 exc VAT

Award winning IQbuds™ allow you to hear what you want to hear in the world around you.


Please allow an additional 3 - 10 days for delivery


The IQbuds Wireless Earbuds offer 20 hours of on-the-go Bluetooth Streaming

Tap-touch earbuds designed for comfort and hands-free control.

App for iOS and Android.

Control and augment world volume to blend ambient sound and enhance speech.

High fidelity audio, tap touch controls, hands free calls and best-in-class battery life.

IQbuds are the world’s most intelligent wireless earbuds with advanced speech amplification and dynamic noise control. Enjoy socialisation when you need it and isolation when you want it. Hear what you want to hear and connect to your digital devices. IQbuds are recommended for standard hearing or mild hearing loss.

Key benefits:

  • Hear conversations, even in noisy places
  • Reduce background noise so you hear every word
  • Stay aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Move between your digital world and physical world with a simple tap
  • Talk hands-free over Bluetooth from your iPhone or Android phone
  • Stream music with superb sound quality
  • Customise the Apple iOS and Android compatible app
  • Best in class battery life

Please note: When used at the highest volumes, IQbuds can produce a high-pitched whirring noise (known as acoustic feedback). This may happen momentarily when taking them off, or during use if you’re wearing an earbud that’s the wrong size.

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