Phonak RemoteMic – Hearing Aid Microphone


The Phonak RemoteMic is a  wireless, small and light clip-on microphone and ideal for those with a hearing loss, struggling to hear conversations over distance. It features a Bluetooth connection range of up to 20 meters (60ft) between the RemoteMic and the streaming device, which means it is ideal for lectures, board meetings or conferences.

Brand: Phonak

Includes: 1 x Phonak RemoteMic, 1 x Charging Cable, 1 x Plug

This Remote Mic has now been discontinued by the Manufacturer. The replacement product for this item is the Phonak Partner Mic. You can find this here.



The RemoteMic is designed for people with hearing loss and struggle with conversation at a distance. This could be across a table at a restaurant or across a lecture hall. By clipping the remote mic on to the speakers clothing, the hearing aid wearer will be able to hear the speech clearly over a distance of up to 20 meters (60ft).

The RemoteMic supports the full bandwidth of the hearing instrument, allowing for natural speech. With a rechargeable battery lasting up to 8 hours, and automatic sleep mode when no speech is detected, you can enjoy clear/ crisp speech for a majority of your day.


The RemoteMic requires a Com Pilot or Com Pilot Air to be able to transmit to your hearing aids. The hearing aids compatible are: Phonak Core, Spice, Quest and Venture wireless hearing aids

It transmits directly to the aids via a ComPilot or ComPilot Air over a distance of up to 20 meters.

Phonak RemoteMic II key features

  • Fix omnidirectional microphone
  • Remote volume control
  • Battery-powered and rechargeable
  • Easy to operate clip
  • Supports the full hearing instrument bandwidth for natural speech
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR Standard
  • Up to 8 hours usage time
  • Up to 20 meters operating range
  • Line of sight to hearing instrument not necessary
  • Complete with securing cord and protection pouch

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What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Phonak RemoteMic
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x Plug



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