Rayovac Size 10 Hearing Aid Batteries Zinc Air Extra (pack of 6)


This replacement pack of 6, Size 10 Rayovac Zinc Air Extra hearing aid batteries (card of 6 cells) is ideal for Phonak, Resound, Widex, Oticon and Starkey hearing aids.

Brand: Rayovac

Includes: 1x card of 6x battery cells

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Hearing aid batteries require constant changing, and it can be one of the most frequent jobs you need to do in order to keep your hearing aids performing as expected. With Rayovac’s zinc batteries, you can reduce the frequency of this task thanks to its long-lasting active core technology, helping you save money and keep you going all day, every day.

How to use:

Each card of battery cells is packaged to help keep your batteries safe until you’re ready to use them. Each card has a rotating dial in order to help you extract one battery at a time. Each cell is attached to a tab to help you handle the battery cell with ease.

For even easier handling of your battery why not use the Rayovac Magnet stick, a 2-in-1 tool to help store and handle your batteries. CLICK HERE to check it out.


Rayovac Size 10 Zinc Air Extra are suitable for all hearing aids which utilize a size 10 slot.

Key Features:

Active Core Plus™ Technology

With their all-new air optimisation technology, Rayovac Zinc Air Extra last longer than ever before.

New Air Optimisation System: As zinc batteries use oxygen to activate, this new durable design uses air more efficiently to deliver consistent performance in all weather conditions.

Balanced Formula: With optimised ingredients put inside the cell, hearing aid users get more life out of every single battery.

Engineered for Excellence: This new harder-working battery delivers even longer-lasting power to ensure maximum reliability for those that wear the latest hearing devices.

Active Core Technology Battery
Illustration for the internal Active Core Technology


What’s in the box?

1x card of 6x battery cells

Additional information

Weight8 g
Dimensions15 × 2.5 × 20 cm