Travelling With Hearing Aids: Useful Accessories for Your Next Trip

Senior man holding BTE hearing aid in hand on foreground, close-up.

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Hearing aids are a vital tool for people with hearing loss, but they require extra care and attention when traveling. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five essential accessories to bring with you on your next trip to help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Extra Batteries

Rayovac extra hearing aid batteries

Bringing extra batteries for your hearing aids is important, especially for longer trips or when you might not have access to a store to purchase more. Make sure to bring enough batteries to last your entire trip, plus a few extras just in case. It’s also a good idea to pack them in a safe, dry place like a hard-sided case to protect them from moisture or damage.

Hearing Aid Accessories offer a wide selection of batteries from trusted brands in a variety of sizes. Click here to have a look!

Charging Case

Phonak Charge and Care Case

If you have rechargeable hearing aids, make sure not to forget their charging case to keep them powered on during the trip. It’s even better if your charging case is equipped with a drying function as this will ensure your hearing aids are not only charged, but also free of moisture, which is especially important in humid environments like the beach or in other areas with changing weather. Be sure to pack your charger and other accessories in a carry-on bag to keep them safe and accessible during your travels.

Our shop offers a diverse range of charging cases, including options from the most popular hearing aid brands on the market which you can browse by clicking here.

Cleaning Supplies

Hearing aid cleaning and maintenance kit

Cleaning your hearing aids is important, especially when traveling to places like the beach or other outdoor locations. Sand, saltwater, and other debris can damage or clog your hearing aids, leading to issues with sound quality and function. Be sure to pack a soft-bristled brush, cleaning wipes, and a hearing aid cleaning kit to keep your devices clean and functioning well during your trip. You can also purchase cleaning supplies specifically designed for travel, which are smaller and more portable than regular kits.

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Sleep Headphones

SleepPhones Wired Headband Headphones - Black

Wearing hearing aids, especially if you’ve just began doing so, can sometimes cause listener’s fatigue: the feeling of being exhausted or drained from listening due to sensory overload. Listener’s fatigue can be stronger for individuals with hearing aids while on holiday due to the combination of unfamiliar environments, increased social interaction, and exposure to high levels of background noise like crowds, music, or transportation sounds.

Using sleep headphones at night while on holiday can help reduce listener’s fatigue by providing a comfortable and consistent sound environment that promotes relaxation and better-quality sleep. This can lead to a more rested and refreshed feeling the next day, even in the midst of a busy vacation itinerary.

If you’re looking for a quality pair of comfortable sleep headphones to take on your next trip, why not consider the SleepPhones? They’re perfect for travelling! Click here to check them out.

Remote Microphone

gn resound multi mic

A remote microphone is a helpful accessory to use in noisy environments like restaurants or crowded tourist attractions. The microphone helps to pick up sounds and voices from a distance, making it easier to understand conversations and hear important information. Be sure to check the compatibility of the microphone with your hearing aids and consider practicing with it before you go to ensure that you know how to use it properly.

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Bottom Line

Taking good care of your hearing aids while traveling can help you fully enjoy your vacation and avoid any hearing-related issues or challenges. Bringing these essential accessories with you on your next trip will help you maintain your hearing aids, enjoy better sound quality, and make the most of your travels. Don’t forget to pack these items in a safe and accessible place, and enjoy your trip!

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