Use & Care Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids make your life easier and more enjoyable, allowing you to engage with the world and the ones you love fully and effortlessly. The investment you make in them, however, can be compromised if you don’t learn to maintain and use them properly. Here are some of our best use and care tips to help you make the most of your rechargeable hearing aids:

Daily Charging

In case there are periods throughout the day during which you are not using your hearing aids, make sure to dock them in the charger so that the batteries can fully recharge again. Keep in mind that if the batteries are completely out of power, the time they will require to charge will be a lot longer.

Proper Handling of Fully Drained Batteries

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If you get a low battery warning or your hearing aids have switched off, do not attempt to get more use by opening and closing the battery door! This can damage the battery performance. You can either dock the hearing aids in the charger or insert disposable batteries and keep the rechargeable ones safe until you can power them back on.

Correct Battery Storage

If for any reason you know you won’t be using your hearing batteries for an extended period of time (e.g., a few weeks), you can remove them from your hearing aids instead of leaving the battery door open on your aids, as this will deplete the battery.

 It is also a good idea to store them somewhere safe, such as a container with divided sections, to make sure they’re not touching each other.

Another option would be to leave the hearing aids in the charger while it’s plugged into a power supply.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

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One of the best ways to elongate the life of your hearing aids is to make sure you clean the devices properly and often enough. Ideally, your hearing aid cleaning routine should be performed daily. This includes:

  • Wiping down the outer part of the hearing aid with a microfibre cloth
  • Using a wax removal brush to brush over the microphone
  • Using an air puffer to blow out any moisture that might have accumulated inside the tubing

Cleaning Your Charger

You must regularly clean your charger using a either a soft, dry tissue or a brush to remove dust and debris and clean the device’s contacts. Make sure not to use any steriliser, disinfectant or rubbing alcohol as this can damage the charger!

Preventing Earwax

While being an essential aspect of the way our ears function and self-clean, earwax can cause significant issues for your hearing aids and is actually the most common cause for hearing aid repairs. You can prevent earwax build-up by gently wiping your hearing aids daily while being careful not to damage the microphone ports, and by looking after the tubing.

Reducing Exposure to Moisture

Drawing of an anthropomorphic hearing aid drowning in humidity

Some simple, rather obvious ways to prevent moisture from affecting your hearing aids include not swimming or showering while wearing the devices. Sometimes, however, we’re not able to control how they are affected by humidity: perspiration (sweating) is just one example. A good resolution to help you keep your devices humidity-free is the use of drying boxes.

Avoiding Physical Damage

Hearing aids are sensitive to various risk factors, including physical damage. A good way to keep them safe is by investing in a quality storage case/charger. Not only would that prevent damage in case the aids are dropped or knocked, but it will also allow you to easily and safely carry them with you everywhere you go.

Investing in Quality Equipment

Hearing Aid Accessories offer a robust range of high-quality equipment that can help you prolong the life of your hearing aids, including chargers and storage cases, drying boxes, and a wide variety of cleaning products. Click the button below to browse our shop!

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