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Intelligent, flexible, and powered with wireless connectivity, Starkey hearing aid accessories are designed to help you engage with your environment fully and effortlessly. Enabling your hearing aids to interact with smartphones, various other devices, and apps, Starkey accessories are versatile and provide you with personalization and control over your hearing. This week, we’ve prepared a list of our most popular Starkey products with all of their best features. Check it out!

Starkey Charger for hearing aids on white background

In addition to enabling you to charge your hearing aids on the go, the Starkey Standard Charger also functions as a protective case, keeping your aids safe everywhere and at all times. This amazing gadget is also equipped with a drying kit function, requiring a single desiccant puck to keep your devices free from moisture for 3 to 6 months!

Combining three functions into one brilliant product, Starkey Livio can be used as both a table microphone and a body-worn one, in addition to its ability to stream audio from your television directly into your hearing aids. Thanks to its in-built intelligence, it can predict the direction of the sound you’d like to hear, and is excellent for improving your listening in noisy environments, reducing background sounds to a minimum.

Starky Table Microphone TV Streamer on white background
Starkey Custom Charger Case Open

Suitable for selected custom Starkey hearing aids, the Custom Charger Case uses lithium-ion technology to charge your aids quickly and effortlessly. It is compact and portable, and can provide your aids with at least 3 charges before it would need to be recharged itself! What is more, it features two sets of LED lights to indicate its on-board battery power level, as well as the charge level of your hearing aids.

This fast, compact, and portable charging solution is perfect for users who often need a power boost for their hearing aids while on-the-go. Need a quick fix? No problem! The Mini Turbocharger can power your battery up to 20% in only 7 minutes! When fully charged itself, this small, but powerful device can provide your aids with up to 4 full charges: ideal for work trips or weekends away.

Starkey mini turbo charger on white background
Starkey Receiver Close Up

Tired of that frustrating feeling you get when your audio quality begins reducing and you know your receivers likely need replacing? The solution: stock up on quality, durable receivers such as the Starkey Snap Fit RIC! Compatible with Starkey Livio AI, Livio, Muse iQ, Halo iQ, Halo2, Halo, Z Series and 3 Series hearing aids, each of these receivers is colour-coded and numbered on the side, so that you know exactly which receiver to choose next time to enjoy consistently clear, crisp sound.

If you often use hearing aids for long periods of time, you understand the huge role that domes play when it comes to wearing comfort. While other domes tend to touch certain parts of the ear canal, causing pressure points and irritation, Starkey’s Comfort Buds eliminate hot spots and provide consistent, long-term comfort thanks to their equal and sturdy wall sections. What is more, their unique design ensures constant, secure retention, as well as protection against earwax.

starkey comfort buds1

Saw an item you fancy? You’re in luck! You now have the chance to get 10% off our best selling Starkey products during the entire month of January! Make sure not to miss out: click here to shop today.

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