5 Excellent Christmas Present Ideas for Those with Hearing Loss

Christmas gifts

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You’re most likely familiar with the feeling of panic that begins settling in when the holidays are right around the corner, but you still haven’t decided on what gifts to buy for your loved ones. Choosing a thoughtful present for your friend, partner, or family member with hearing loss can sometimes be even harder, since you may not be quite sure what type of item would make their life on the deafness spectrum a bit easier.

There is no need to worry, though- we’ve got you! This week, we’ve prepared a list of 5 brilliant Christmas gift ideas for people with hearing loss. Check it out to pick a useful present that would make your loved one’s day-to-day routine easier, while making them feel happy and appreciated!

1. TV Streamer

phonak Tv connector

It is very common for individuals suffering from hearing loss to either struggle to enjoy watching TV since they’re unable to hear it clearly, or to turn the volume up to a level nobody else is comfortable around.

Hearing Aid Accessories offer a wide range of assistive TV products, specifically designed to help your loved one with hearing loss stream television audio directly into their hearing aids. This allows them to enjoy a supreme cinematic experience while having the ability to control the volume of the sound streamed into their aids independently from the TV speakers’ audio. Perfect!

You can browse our range of TV streamers by clicking here.

2. Vibrating Alarm Clock

Bellman alarm clock pro

The ability to wake up on time is one of the most important parts of almost everybody’s daily routine. Whilst people unaffected by hearing loss are able to simply set an audible alarm, this is not a viable option for those on the deafness spectrum.

Thankfully, there are alarm clocks specifically designed to help those with hearing loss wake up by utilising a combination of amplified sound, vibration, and lights. What better way to make sure your loved one’s days start right?

You can browse our range of vibrating alarm clocks by clicking here.

3. Wireless Microphone

gn resound multi mic

Hearing clearly in noisy environments can be a big challenge for those on the deafness spectrum even when wearing hearing aids. This is because hearing aids do not always have the ability to properly filter out background noise in environments like these, making communication a very strenuous activity for those who wear them.

Fortunately, thanks to the advancements made in hearing assistive technology, there are now wireless microphones that can completely transform the way in which your loved one on the deafness spectrum interacts with the world. Filtering out background noise, these devices stream a speaker’s voice directly into the user’s hearing aids, providing them with a clear, crisp listening experience. A true life changer for hearing aid wearers!

You can browse our range of wireless microphones by clicking here.

4. Doorbell Alerting System

bellman baby monitor
wrist receiver

Hearing the doorbell, as well as staying vigilant of potential intruders at home can be very hard, or even impossible for many individuals with hearing loss.

Happily, there is a solution: alerting systems such as the Visit Home System by Bellman & Symfon are designed to let your loved one with hearing loss know whenever someone is at the door by using a transmitter and a receiver. As soon as the doorbell rings, the transmitter signals the receiver (or multiple receivers) inside the home, which in turn notifies the user by using vibrations and/or flashes of light.

A perfect gift to ensure your loved one on the deafness spectrum is safe and secure inside their home at all times!

You can browse our range of alerting systems by clicking here.

5. Tinnitus Relief Pillow/ Headphones

Travel Mini Sound Pillow For Tinnitus
SleepPhones Wired Headband Headphones - Black

It is very common for individuals who have recently began wearing hearing aids to suffer from headaches and a tinnitus-like ringing in the ears. This is because the brain takes some time to get accustomed to all the new sounds it is now required to process, relearning how to filter out certain noises. While this isn’t usually something that lasts for too long, it can be quite uncomfortable.

If this is something that one of your loved ones is experiencing, it can be a great idea to gift them a tinnitus relief product such as a specially designed sound pillow or headphones. Thanks to wireless technology, tinnitus relief products effortlessly connect to various Bluetooth-enabled audio sources, providing the user with the option to listen to their favourite ambient sounds, podcasts, or audiobooks while filtering out any unwanted noise. 

A perfect gift to help your loved one relieve their tinnitus symptoms, fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed!

You can browse our range of tinnitus relief products by clicking here.

Closeup of hands holding a black gift package with a golden band

There you have it: a top 5 of our best Christmas gift ideas for people with hearing loss! We hope we’ve made your holiday shopping experience a bit easier.

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