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Signia/Connexx 3.0 Thin Tubes 1.4mm – pair

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Replacement thin tubes are suitable for the new Signia Connexx Motion X series behind the ear hearing aids.

Brand: Signia

Includes: 1x (Left) thin tube, 1x (Right) thin tube


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These replacement thin tubes are supplied in packs of 2, one right and one left ear.

They are ideal for helping maintain the performance of your devices through periods of wear and tear.


These thin tubes are suitable for Signia Motion X behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Signia 3.0 EarWear tips (not included) are used on the 3.0 Thin tubing.

Improved ThinTube 3.0

  1. One-piece ThinTube 3.0
  2. Five sizes 0-4
  3. 0.9mm for mild to moderate and 1.4mm for severe losses
  4. Increased pull-off force for more safety

Style & Size:

Each pair of thin tubes comes in pairs for both ears and for the size you require. The size will be recommended to you by your audiologist.

If you’re unsure which you require, it is highly recommended that you ask them to be sure.

To help identify your thin tubes each tube is printed with a size.

The printed size can be found on the tube or under where your dome would sit and will be either in blue text (LEFT) or red text (RIGHT).

Also available in 1.4mm diameter tubing.

0.9mm for mild to moderate and 1.4mm for severe losses

What’s included?

Pack of 2 – one left and one right Earwear 3.0 thin tubing.


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1 review for Signia/Connexx 3.0 Thin Tubes 1.4mm – pair

  1. Michael Gamble (verified owner)

    Well, I had to make some adaptation to fit my particular hearing aid (an ex-earmold Danalogic i-FIT 71 (R) and Danalogic i-FIT 81 (L) – but was told I had the wrong ‘Thin
    Tubes’ – and pointed in the right direction. I chose the Signia/Connexx 3.0 Thin Tubes 1.4mm – pair, 1.4mm-2 / Length: 2 by sheer guess-work as there is no way of telling, from the descriptions what I should have bought. The adaptation I made was to simply increase the size of the Sound Output screw spigot by putting a 1/8″ bit of Silicone 3mm. tube on it. But I am getting audio feed-back problems with one unit. Which is one reason I was pointed to a different Thin-Tube. The people at Hearing Aid Accessories are being patiently helpful – hence the Rating. So I live in hope of eventual success!

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