Phonak Roger NeckLoop Receiver (Type 03)


The new and improved Roger NeckLoop is a simple and affordable receiver compatible with any hearing aid or hearing instruments featuring a Telecoil technology. Whether this be from Phonak or another hearing brand. Transmit the audio from your compatible transmitter direct to your hearing aids with the Roger NeckLoop.

Also available to transmit audio from a USB audio device direct to you hearing aid instrument.

Brand: Phonak

Includes: Roger NeckLoop Device, Inductive NeckLoop Cable, USB charger cable, Power Supply and User Guide.

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This new and improved gadget is the direct replacement for the previous Phonak Roger MyLink receiver neckloop. Type 03 is designed for use with adult products including adult hearing aid devices.

Here’s what the Roger Neckloop can do.

Transmits audio:

  • From Phonak Roger microphones directly to your compatible hearing aids.

The Phonak Roger family is made up of a selection of different multi-function microphones to help you with all types of lifestyles. These Roger microphones are sold separately, you can find these on our website in the Phonak category.

  • From an audio source with a USB, such as a laptop or PC, directly to your compatible hearing aids.

By using the included USB cable you can simply stream audio from your desired PC or laptop by plugging your neckloop into this device. Simply pair your aids with your neckloop and go!

  • Into Phonak MyLink headphones for hearing care professionals fitting services.

For those who do not have hearing aid devices this is an additional option to connect to Roger microphones. This connection is also used by hearing care professionals during programming.

  • Transmit audio and record the transcript from a conference or lecture into your required software.

With the help of modern technology your lecturer can use your Roger Microphone to transmit their voice directly into your aids. This is achieved by using an additional neckloop which is then plugged into your laptop; your lecturers’ transcript is then saved directly into your computer! Consequently, this makes for a fantastic modern learning device for the hard of hearing.


How to use:

This super versatile receiver can be used with all hearing aids which feature Telecoil technology, including compatibility with Phonak Roger microphones. You can choose to wear the receiver either face forward or facing against your body for either right-handed or left-handed volume control.

Only an initial pairing from your Neckloop to a Roger Microphone is required. Afterward, once paired with your aids, they will automatically connect to each other for each use. Similarly, when you have chosen your preferred volume setting, this is also automatically stored by the neckloop for your next use for a hassle-free experience. Enhance your hearing system tenfold with this Roger NeckLoop receiver!

The system performs with the following 3 components:

  1. Roger NeckLoop Receiver
  2. Your compatible hearing aid/instrument
  3. An audio transmitter, for example Roger Pen Microphone (sold separately)

Charging & Usage Times:

Charging your neckloop can be completed in 2 ways: you can choose to use the external power supply plug, or simply use the USB cable for PC or Laptop charging.

  • 80% charged after 1 hour
  • 100% charged after 3 hours
  • Once fully charged, Roger NeckLoop can be used for 10 hours or more.


Compatible with all devices which its predecessor MyLink is also compatible with. As a result, this means all hearing aids which feature Telecoil technology and are alternatively compatible with Phonak Roger microphones. Please note, the Phonak Roger Neckloop Receiver (Type 03) is NOT compatible with the Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic. You would need the Phonak Roger Neckloop Receiver (Type 02) instead.

However, as with all Phonak Roger products, we highly recommend to seek compatibility advice from our experts or your audiologist. Additional programming may be required depending on the set up provided when your hearing device was initially fitted.

Key Features:

  • Display Screen
  • LED Battery level indicator
  • Detachable neck loop sockets
  • On/off button
  • Volume control buttons, left-handed or right-handed functionality
  • Volume limiter button
  • Roger Headphone socket
  • USB C charging and audio socket
  • Lightweight & Stylish
  • Auto save volume setting
  • Auto save pairing.
  • LED Power guide indicators
  • 5mm headphone input socket
  • Up to 10 hours of operating time
  • Range of up to 20 meters from Roger Microphones


What’s in the box?

  • Roger NeckLoop Device
  • Inductive NeckLoop Cable
  • USB charger cable
  • Power Supply
  • User Guide.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions approx. 35mm x 15mm x 70mm

Weight approx. 35g

Neckloop length approx. 77cm

Colour. Champagne Silver

With the CE symbol, Sonova AG confirms that this product – including accessories – meets the requirements of the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 as well as the Radio Equipment directive 2014/53/EU.

Additional information

Weight385 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 13 cm