Phonak DECT II


The Phonak DECT II phone is cordless, rechargeable and looks like a regular phone. It can reduce ambient noise for maximum speech understanding while transmitting the sound from a call to your hearing aids.

Brand: Phonak

This product Includes : 1 x Phonak DECT II Handset, 1x Charging Base, Cables & Plugs & instruction leaflet.




The Phonak DECT II is a cordless, rechargeable phone that can be shared by the whole family. Up to 6 handsets can be connected to the base at any one time and with a range of 300m (950ft) allowing the hearing aid wearer to walk around and still enjoy the quality sound streamed to their ears.

The phone has many of the features you would expect to find, for example, a phone book with up to 300 entries, direct dial options, several ring tones to choose from as well as vibration alert, an answerphone option (voicebox), caller identification, alarm clock function and it is Eco friendly with low radiation.

Universal Usage

This product is great for a household with mixed hearing requirements, simply set the DECT volume to a comfortable level that suits all. The whole household can then enjoy a clear, amplified sound.


No installation is needed – this product can be used straight from the box as a handheld cordless phone – you do not have to pair your hearing aids, you just need to ensure your Phonak hearing aids are wireless compatible.

The device can be set to a demo mode where you can check the compatibility to your hearing aids, and if you already have a DECT phone, the contacts can be transferred (see the instruction leaflet for further instruction on how to do this).

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