Phonak C&C Disinfectant (Assepto) Tub of 90 Wipes


Phonak wet cleaning tissues are disinfectant wipes for your hearing aids and earmolds.

The cleaning wipes come individually wrapped with 90 supplied in a box. They can be used on all types of hearing device and earmolds and help to remove bacteria, fungi and are even effective against hepatitis B. What’s more, they are also great for cleaning surfaces and objects susceptible to staining as well as your hands.

Brand: Phonak

This product includes: 1 x tube of 90 Phonak C&C Wipes

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The ideal cleaning companion, C&C wipes are a safe, hygienic way of ensuring that your device components, hands and surfaces are effectively sanitised.

Using C&C Wipes:

To use the wipes, simply remove one from the tube and rub the hearing device or earmold gently. After one minute rub dry with an absorbant cloth to make sure the hearing device is completely dry before inserting the hearing aid back inside the ear.

Top Tip: Always make sure that your fingers/hands are clean and dry before touching your hearing aid. The microphone openings are very small and may be blocked very easily with small dirt particles.

Bacteria Fighting Properties:

Phonak C&C Cleansing Wipes are disinfectant wipes for hearing systems and earmolds and are extremely effective at eliminating harmful bacteria.

For Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids, it is recommended to use wipes every other day, while In-the-Ear (ITE) aids should be cleaned every day.  The end result is to keep the health of your aids at peak performance.

Alcohol, solvents and cleaning agents may damage the devices. In order for your hearing aids to function properly, the devices themselves and the earmolds must always be free of earwax or other deposits.

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