Oticon Phone Adapter 2.0 & Streamer Pro 1.3A *BUNDLE DEAL*


The Oticon Phone Adaptor 2.0 is the bridge between standard analogue landline telephones and compatible Oticon hearing aids. This Phone Adapter will allow Oticon hearing aid wearers to connect to the Oticon Streamer Pro included.

Use Bluetooth to connect to phones, TVs, remote microphones, computers, tablets, telecoil systems and FM systems.

Brand: Oticon

This product includes:

  • 1x phone adapter unit, 1x power supply 5.0 V plug, 2x phone line cables, 1x phone line double adapter, 1x user information guide
  • 1x streamer pro, 1x neck loop, 1x UK power supply,1x protective skin, 1x USB charger cable, 1x 3.5mm audio jack cable, 1x 3.5mm headset splitter cable, 1x user information guide


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Phone Adaptor 2.0 provides a hands-free listening and speaking experience for personal, social, or business use. It supports both incoming and outgoing calls, and eliminates common difficulties associated with landline phone calls.

During phone calls, your hearing aids will be used as earphones and your microphone (located on the body-worn streamer) will enable hands-free operation. The Streamer Pro is worn around the neck to connect and send audio signals wirelessly to your hearing aids. Enjoy a generous distance of up to 30m!

How to use:

Before all else, ensure that the phone adapter is correctly installed as described in the installation guide. To use the phone adapter, the Streamer and phone adapter must be wirelessly connected to one another. This connection is established automatically when the Streamer and phone adaptor are paired and in range. The phone adapter is connected to the Streamer when the LED indicator light on the adapter goes blue.

When receiving an incoming call, you will receive a call alert in your hearing aids. The phone indicator on the adapter will blink green and at the same time, the Streamer indicator will also blink green. Press the phone button on the Streamer to answer the call, and you will hear a confirmation beep in your hearing aids. The phone button and indicator on the Streamer and the phone indicator on the adaptor will now be solid green. Your voice will then be picked up by your hearing aid microphones and sent back to your phone for your conversation partner to hear. To end the call, press the phone button on the Streamer and the green light will turn off.

To make a call, press the phone button on the Streamer. The hook is now off, and you will hear a dial tone in your hearing aids. The phone button on the Streamer and the phone indicator on the adapter will turn solid green. Press call on your portable phone (or pick up the handset on your landline) and dial the phone number as you normally would to make a call. You will hear the call tone in your hearing aids indicating that the call is now connected through your Streamer. To end the call, simply press the phone button on the Streamer.


This product is compatible with the following hearing aids:

  • Alta2
  • Nera2
  • Ria2
  • Dynamo
  • Sensei

Please note that this product can only be used when accompanied by the Oticon Streamer Pro included in this bundle OR the Oticon ConnectClip sold separately.

Use the ConnectClip for OPN & OPNS hearing aids.

Use the Streamer Pro for other Oticon hearing aids.

Features and benefits:

  • Handsfree speaking and listening experience
  • AutoResume
  • AutoPriority
  • Range up to 30m

Included in the box:

  • Phone adaptor unit
  • Phone supply 5.0 V plug
  • 2 phone line cables
  • Phone line double adapter
  • User information manual


  • Streamer pro
  • Neck loop
  • UK power supply
  • Protective skin
  • USB charger cable
  • 5mm audio jack cable
  • 5mm headset splitter cable
  • User information guide

For international orders, the power supply included is a UK 3 pin plug, however, we will include a free power adapter suitable for your region. Please ensure you check regional power supply voltage prior to use (power adapter subject to stock availability).

 Product specification:

Phone Adapter: 124mm x 80mm x 21mm

Weight: 100g

Streamer 1.3A Pro: 13mm x 40mm x 85mm

Weight: 44g



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