Doro Magna 4000


With Doro Magna 4000 you can enjoy a large button phone that’s not only among the loudest, but also features a sleek, modern design.

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The Doro Magna 4000 can be wall mounted or placed on a flat surface. Fixings for wall mounting are included. The Doro Magna 4000 has an in-built hearing loop system.

This is activated by selecting the T Loop setting on your hearing aid. Ask your hear care provider if this is an option available for you.

Audio Boost Phone

The ringer volume can be increased to up to 90dB at a one-meter distance so you can hear the phone ring.
It has an audio boost button which allows the user to increase the call volume by 60dB so the conversation can be heard clearly. The amplification is reset after each call. There is a light in the corner of the phone which shows when the amplification is activated.

The backlit display is clear to read and displays the time and date when in standby mode, this includes numbers and letters displayed being approximately 8mm high.

Contact Storage and Speedial

The phone has a standard caller ID function.

The redial button means you can redial up to the last five dialled calls. It is also possible to store up to 50 different names and telephone numbers in the phone’s built-in phone book, and can have two speed dial numbers stored in the phone.


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