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Doro 6050 Mobile Phone

£100.00 exc VAT

Doro 6050 Mobile Phone

£100.00 exc VAT

Brand : Doro

Included with Item : 1 x Doro 6050 Mobile Phone 1 x Charging USB Cable 1 x Instruction Manual.

Easy to use, great looking flip phone.

The Doro 6050 phone has a caller ID display on the outside and a large 2.8″ screen on the inside , with wide-spaced clear buttons that help to ensure easy use. Perfect for users who are hard of hearing, partially sighted or elderly.

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With the Doro 6050 Mobile Phone it has never been easier to enjoy communicating and staying connected with family and friends. The Doro 6050 flip phone offers a large display screen and backlit keypad. With its large, spaced apart buttons it makes it easy to dial phone numbers or even send text messages.

Suitable for Special Requirements

Users can take pictures with a 3-mega pixel integrated camera and share them with family using the text facility. The 6050 makes someone with a hearing impairment or a hearing loss understand the speaker on the other side of the phone with loud volume and clear sound. When first setting up the Doro 6050 it’s possible to set the text size, ring tone and volume with 7 different levels to choose from.

It has an internal storage size of 7MB (with a micro SD card slot) with full colour display, adjustable font size and a 3.5mm earphone jack.

Unique Features

This mobile phone’s main features include : An “assistance button” (Such as ICE – In Case of Emergency), wifi and internet compatibility, Bluetooth compatibility, hearing aid compatibility, inbuilt torch, visual ring indicator and a backlit keypad.


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