Widex FM-DEX – Hearing Assistive Device

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Part of the Widex Dex Family this high-quality streaming device is small and discreet. Designed specifically to convert signals from an FM receiver, telecoil or line in stream audio direct your Widex wireless hearing aids. Stream music, join online meetings or watch your favourite shows by connecting to your audio devices.

Includes: FM-DEX unit, Click-on module, neck loop antenna in 2 lengths, power supply (check worldwide?), jack-to-jack cable, clip & user manual.

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FM+Dex has three functions: FM, telecoil and audio line in, therefore, giving the user great flexibility.

The device uses a rechargeable battery that is charged through the mini-USB connector. When fully charged, the battery has a capacity of approx. 10 hours of continuous use. The charger is available in four country versions.

Using the FM-DEX:

You can choose which input source suits you with the options of either Telecoil, FM or Audio Line In signals. You can also choose to use the FM-DEX with you without the wearing around your neck. The system includes two different lengths of neckloops and a clothing clip option. The clothing clip also has a rotation feature allowing this system to suit your desired position.

The FM-DEX is a device which is worn around your next using the neckloops included, or alternatively be worn clipped onto an item of your clothing with a range of up to 30 meters.


Using easy to identify button and light indicators you can stay in control of your streaming. Light features include battery Power Indicators and Input Light Indicators.

Acoustic tones also help you indicate your desired setting option. Acoustic sounds include power tone, input tone, room on tone and volume tones.

The ‘Room Off’ feature allows you to turn off the hearing aid microphone to activate only listening to your input audio sounds. Simply activation with the main circular toggle button.

Technical Features:

  • On/Off Slide Button
  • Input toggle key/Room off
  • Volume up/down
  • FM input LED
  • Audio input LED
  • T (telecoil) LED
  • Battery level indicator
  • Tamper switch
  • FM switch
  • FM connector (Europlug)
  • FM connector (SCOLA FLEX receiver)
  • Charge (mini USB socket)
  • Audio (line-in)
  • Cover

Additional information

Weight427 g
Dimensions18 × 13 × 13 cm


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