Phonak TP Mini Ear Hooks for Paediatrics


Add some flare to your behind-the-ear hearing aids with Phonak’s Tamperproof Mini coloured ear hooks! Available in a range of wild and wacky shades including transparent for a simple like-for-like replacement.

Brand: Phonak

This product includes: 2x Phonak Coloured Ear Hooks


Whether you’re looking to jazz up your hearing aids by adding some flamboyant colour, or you’re simply replacing your current hook, these coloured hooks will be a wonderful addition to your hearing aids.

The Phonak TP Mini Ear Hooks are specially designed to be smaller than the standard ear hooks. They are best suited to children or adults with smaller ears. They are also Tamperproof, which prevents accidental removal. If you are looking for the regular size Phonak Coloured Ear Hooks, please click HERE.

Choose your hooks from a wide range of wild and wacky colours! Sold as a pair and available in:

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Transparent (if you are looking to replace what you have)
  • Transparent (non-filtered)

*Choosing two different coloured hooks for each side can provide a more obvious visual cue to help those with visual or learning difficulties know the side of each hearing aid. *

How to use:

You will need to know the difference between filtered and non-filtered hooks:

Filtered hooks: every coloured hook features a small white filter inside designed to support and soften high-frequency sounds. If you are currently using filtered hooks, we recommend continuing to do so to help support your usual audio. This filter can also act as a moisture barrier to reduce moisture accumulating inside the tubing.

Non-filtered hooks: these are available in transparent for those who require non-filtered hooks and would prefer to keep their usual audio.

If you need more advice on which hook you require, we recommend getting in touch with your local audiologist.

Please note that we recommend changing your hearing aid hook periodically to avoid a build-up of condensation. Condensation can cause blockages and stop sound from transferring to your ear mould tube.


Phonak Coloured Ear Hooks are compatible with the following hearing aids:


  • Naida Q-SP, Naida Q-UP, Naida S-SP, Naida S-UP, Naida Link UP
  • Sky Q-SP, Sky Q-UP
  • CORE and Digital Bionis Full Size BTE’s and OK! Plus


  • Bolero B-M, Bolero B-P, Bolero B-SP, Bolero B-PR, Bolero V-M, Bolero V-P, Bolero V-SP, Bolero Q-M312, Bolero Q-M13, Bolero Q-P, Bolero Q-SP
  • Sky B-M, Sky B-P, Sky B-PR, Sky V-M, Sky V-P, Sky Q-M13
  • Ambra, Cassia, Dalia, Soiana
  • Roger Focus
  • Nathos Auto SP


  • Bolero M-M, Bolero M-PR
  • Sky M-M, Sky M-PR, SkyM-SP, Sky Link M, Sky B-SP, Sky B-UP, Sky V-SP, SkyV-UP
  • Naida M-SP, Naida Link M, Naida B-SP, Naida B-UP, Naida V-SP, Naida V-UP
  • Nathos Auto Nova PR

Features and benefits:

  • Range of colour options
  • Filtered or non-filtered hooks
  • Great compatibility

How to change your HE7/HE11 hook:

How to change your HE10 hook:



Included in the box:

  • Pair of Phonak Coloured Ear Hooks

Additional information

Weight14 g
Dimensions20 × 15 × 2.5 cm

Pink, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Transparent (Filtered), Transparent (Non-Filtered)


HE7, HE10, HE11

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