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Hearing Aid Accessories are excited to announce that we will now be offering a special business trade account for our B2B customers! This completely free addition will enable business customers to get their hands on the very best hearing brands on the market, including GN ReSound, Phonak, Starkey, WIDEX, Oticon, Signia and many, many more.

This new deal comes with a whole host of benefits so that you can be sure to get total satisfaction with your purchasing process. These include:

10% Discount on Orders Over £1000

Exclusive to business account customers is our 10% discount across the entire range of Hearing Aid Accessories products.

Free Fast Delivery on All Orders Over £50

We regularly ship all across the UK and beyond so that you can be assured of unmatched speed of delivery.

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30-day payment terms

For ease of accounting and a hassle-free buying experience, we offer 30-day terms on each and every purchase.

Reduce Supplier Time

Our excellent range means that you can shop for an unlimited number of brands all in one place without having to get straight to the manufacturers.

Easy VAT

Our itemised VAT receipts make your book-keeping as easy as could be.

Instant Invoicing

With our super-fast invoicing process you can receive your invoice in your mailbox instantaneously – no fuss, no stress, no hassle chasing papers.

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Quick and Easy Ordering

Our buying process is simple, intuitive and what’s more, you can keep track of all of your previous purchases in one spot.

60-day Return Policy

We offer a two month return period to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with our products.

Smooth Application Process

Our internal team is on-hand to quickly and efficiently handle your application.

Expert Customer Service

We have a highly-trained team of customer service assistants who are on hand to help with any and all questions or queries you may have, as well as an extensive FAQ and online chat function.

Official Reseller

Our range of products covers the biggest and best brands in the business, each of which is quality-assured to the highest possible standard.

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With this fantastic range of benefits, you can rest easy knowing that you have total control at every stage of the process. If you’d like to sign up then why not begin our application process here today.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team of experts to field your queries by calling: 01455 245749 or emailing

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