Phonak Charge and Care Case

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This festive season is set to kick off with a bang with the launch of the new Phonak Charge & Care, a specialized, smart, easy-to-use piece of kit suitable for the entire Audéo range (from Marvel to Paradise) which allows you to not only charge your hearing aids on-the-go but can also clean and dry them – all at the touch of a button!

Not only does the Charge & Care combine these two features, but it also includes a bevy of extras to make life that little bit easier. Inside one can find some nifty ultraviolet light technology which is used to treat your hearing aids once inside, disinfecting and cleaning them.

Cleaning in this way with a UV light is called Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) and it’s a particularly effective sanitation method, and a real game-changer in the time of COVID-19. So, how does it work?

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation

UVGI employs short wavelength ultraviolet light which when passed over a surface destroys nucleic acids and disrupts DNA in micro-organisms, preventing their ability to perform vital cell functions and therefore making them unable to reproduce, which in turns means they quickly die off. This is particularly effective against viruses and bacteria, and is a fantastic way to keep your devices hygienic and sanitized.

Ultraviolet Lamps for Water Disinfection

Sound too complicated? Well, it’s not, really: if you’ve ever been on holiday (outside the UK most likely!) you may at some point have become sunburnt if you’ve stayed outside too long. The reason for the sunburn is because the sun’s ultraviolet light burns away the top layer of skin cells. This is exactly the same as the way in which UVGI works, albeit on a much grander scale.

The Audéo Range

If you’re unfamiliar with Phonak’s compatible Audéo range, then you’d be wise to get acquainted! Their flagship model, the Paradise, boasts an incredible range of features and is available through our sister company Hear4U.

Phonak Audeo Paradise

Their flagship model, the Paradise, boasts an incredible range of features and is available through our sister company Hear4U. Not only are they completely wireless courtesy of the latest Bluetooth technology, but they also benefit from the power of the next-generation of Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

What this means is that you can enjoy crystal-clear hearing for longer than ever, and, when combined with the Charge & Care, you never have to worry about battery life again!

The Phonak Audéo Paradise

Key Features:

  • Soft speech

Thanks to their intuitive controls, the Paradise can easily amplify the person you wish to hear without making their voice too overbearing.

  • Increased balance between speech integrity with comfort

With all of the comfort and all of the hearing power you might need, this is a hearing aid that truly strikes a perfect balance between the two.

  • Dynamic noise cancellation

If you find yourself in a busy environment, then worry not: with dynamic noise cancellation, the hearing aid will automatically detect huge changes in your aural environment and react accordingly.

  • Improved hearing awareness while walking

Thanks to the Paradises’ Processing Realtime Intelligent Sound Management (PRISM) chip it can readjust to its environment hundreds of times a second, meaning that the Paradise is an excellent choice when transitioning from one area to another.

  • Natural sound

That same chip allows for a polished, clear sound that mimics real world sounds precisely.

Phonak Audeo Range
  • Double memory

Better processing power begets better memory, and the Paradise makes full use of both.

  • More connectivity

With a broader range of accessories to connect to than ever before thanks to Bluetooth, the Paradise is a true multi-functional device.

  • Motion-activated features

The all-new motion sensor hearing which comes built-in to the Paradise calibrates moving objects all around you for more precise, adaptable hearing.

  • Tap control

Simple touch controls make the Paradise more user-friendly than ever.

  • App integration & control

The incredible myPhonak app connects seamlessly to your hearing aids via iPhone or Android, and includes a whole host of extra features and controls.

  • Connect up to 8 devices via Bluetooth

The Paradise’s Bluetooth integration doesn’t end at the extent of devices it can connect to, but the sheer amount it can connect to at any given time! Indeed, up to 8 devices can be paired simultaneously, with instantaneous switching between two at any one time.



If you’re interested to find out more, why not get in touch with our excellent sales representatives at 01455 245749 or email us at Alternatively, if you would like to know more about the Phonak Audéo Paradise, why not call our sister company Hear4U on 01455 234 600 or email 

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