Bellman Door Entrance Contact Mat


The discreet mat simply sits under a rug or your standard door mat and connects to your existing Bellman Telephone Transmitter. That way if someone steps on the mat, a signal will be sent to the transmitter and your receiver will be alerted. You will be notified through light, sound or vibration.

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A contact mat to alert you when someone has entered your home or a specific room. Can also be used in a care environment to alert you when someone has gotten out of bed.

This switch must be connected to the Bellman Visit system using a telephone transmitter.

Key Benefits:

  • Requires a phone transmitter to connect it to your Bellman Visit system
  • Can be used with any Bellman visit transmitter or receiver that has an external trigger
  • For use with the Bellman Visit system, you can choose how you want to be alerted
  • This contact mat can alert you to someone entering the room or property, it can also be used by parents or carers to signal when the child or patient has got out of bed. Please note: this must be used with the telephone transmitter (B1430) or alarm clock receiver (B1500).

Additional information

Weight415 g
Dimensions31 × 23 × 16 cm


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