Bellman Ringer


Feel confident that you will never miss a phone call or visitor because of the lower level of conventional phone call signals or doorbells.

Brand : Bellman

This product Includes : 1 x Bellman Ringer




With a powerfully loud and fully adjustable ring and flashing LED light alert, the BE1010 Bellman Ringer is for anyone with any form of hearing loss who needs a better alert to an analogue telephone/text phone/fax machine and certain door signals.

Loud and Proud in YOUR Home

Install a Bellman Ringer and feel more relaxed in your home, knowing that when someone calls on your landline number you are more than likely to hear them, even with a severe hearing loss. With a maximum intensity of 95dB (measured at a 1m distance from the ringer), the volume, frequency and signal type can be adjusted.

The range of these adjustments is generous, allowing those with any type or level of hearing loss to benefit from the Bellman Ringer. As well as the loud ring, the Bellman Ringer also features a handy LED signal light at the front of the ringer which flashes when the signal is required.

If you have no attainable thresholds and would prefer to use a visual cue only, the sound signal can be switched off completely.


Easy to install, the Bellman ringer can be placed on the wall or simply laid flat on any surface. It connects easily to your analogue telephone by an adapter plug into the telephone socket. For connection to other sources, e.g. certain doorbells, special connection via the built-in telephone is required.

The Bellman Ringer can be connected in the following ways:

Directly from an analogue telephone socket with the supplied telephone cord/adapter plug into the telephone input.

Via pins 1 and 6 of the telephone input.


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