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Hearing Aid Accessories – Latest Product News

As 2019 draws to a close and we look to welcome a new year, we are pleased to announce the launch of The Hearing Aid Accessories Product News!

What might you expect to find here?

You should stay tuned for the latest hearing aid product news, offers from us and technical details about your Hearing Aid Accessories. We will be keeping you up to date every week with anything new and exciting in the Audiology world. Something, in particular, you want to know more about? Just ask! Email your thoughts and questions to and we will respond with the appropriate information.

Over Christmas and the New Year why not check out all of the services, our colleagues at our sister companies can provide? A short break down can be read below, click the links to find out even more.


Hear4U is your local and independent family run audiology service for Leicestershire, Warwickshire, and Northamptonshire. Hear4U offers the first-class service at their beautifully built and clinically excellent centers in Leicester, Hinckley, and Rothwell or can provide that service within the comfort of your own home. Serving these centers are six professionally qualified Audiologists and Earwax Removal Specialists; Sam, Tyler, Roger, Sarah-Jayne, Rosie and Beth.

Hear4U offer free Pure Tone Audiometry (a hearing test), speech-in-noise testing and Tympanometry and use their professional knowledge of current hearing aid technology and the testing results to recommend the best hearing solution for you. There is something for everyone, with a three-tier pricing structure to reflect the varying level of support different types of people need following the fitting of their hearing aids. Even the housebound can access a first-class and friendly service with Hear4U – no one should go without hearing to their full potential.

As an independent, Hear4U has chosen to have no ties to any particular hearing aid manufacturer and you will therefore always be confident of an unbiased recommendation that is truly the right solution for you and your needs. Your hearing aids will be fitted to the gold standard, using probe tube REMs (real ear measurements) to verify the accuracy of the gain values against their target. To find out more about how Hear4U can help you start your journey to better hearing in 2020, click here.

UK Veterans Hearing Help

UK Veterans Hearing Help is the place for you if you are a UK Veteran and have a hearing loss or have noticed you are beginning to struggle with your hearing. Historically you will have been eligible for top of the range Hearing Aids provided by the Royal British Legion’s Veterans Hearing Fund! In October 2019, the British Legion announced without much explanation that they are not accepting any new applications to the fund. Samantha Bennett, UKVHH’s CEO says “We are not taking this funding uncertainty laying down and we will endeavor to continue to help Veterans by changing the way they operate and are now putting in place several different measures which will ensure that we can continue to support you all.” To see how Sam, Chloe, and her team are evolving to continue to support UK Veteran’s hearing click here to read the full statement.

The Ear Wax Removal Specialists

The Ear Wax Removal Specialists have teamed up with some of the best clinics to bring the very best range of ear wax removal services right to you, all across the UK. Do you suffer from repeated wax build-up? Click here to visit the Ear Wax Removal Specialists who will find your local practitioner to help you.

Healthscreen UK

Healthscreen UK provides a range of Occupational Health Services from Health Surveillance to Biological Monitoring. They help to ensure their clients comply with the Health & Safety at Work Regulations enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Healthscreen UK always provide high quality, flexible and cost-effective occupational health solutions. In addition to Health Surveillance, they also provide Safety Critical Medicals and Biological Monitoring.

Occupational Health allows for early identification of work-related health issues, therefore, helping employers to identify any corrective action. The service Healthscreen UK offer can be delivered on-site or in a clinic and are tailored to meet your budget and the needs of your organisation. They help to keep your employees fit, healthy, safe and most importantly performing for you whilst at work. Whilst Healthscreen UK understand that cost is important, they also know that service is as important and so deliver outstanding services at a price that makes sense for you. Healthscreen UK serves businesses of all sizes with customers ranging from independent to blue-chip companies.

If you would like Healthscreen UK to help you, your employees and your business by ensuring your employees are safe within their workplace and reducing employee absence whilst complying with current regulations, then click here.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from all at The Hearing Aid Accessories Blog.

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