Doro PhoneEasy 331PH

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The Doro PhoneEasy 331PH is an easy-to-use landline telephone with large dial number buttons and slots for photos of speed dial contacts. It is an incredibly accessible phone designed thoughtfully for the elderly and those with visual impairments.

Brand : Doro

This product Includes : 1 x Doro PhoneEasy 331PH 1 x Telephone Line Cord 1 x Curly Cord



With a low-profile front for ease of use, the Doro PhoneEasy 331PH is the ideal choice of landline telephone for those with visual or memory impairment or anyone who wants simplicity. Ergonomically designed, the concave, widely spaced and high-contrast key buttons have a low reflective finish so they can be more easily seen. All surfaces are wipe clean and the unit can be wall mounted.

Custom Photo Keys

There are photo keys which allow the user to easily dial their three most used contacts with the touch of one button. The photos of the contacts, or their names or a symbol can be inserted underneath the transparent slots for easy viewing.  There is also a redial function.

Hard of Hearing and Hearing Aid Compatible

With a loud and clear signal, both the volume of the ring and the call volume can be altered via a rotary dial that sits under the phone receiver. The incoming call alert can reach a maximum of 85dbA (at 1 metre distance). There is also a visual ring indicator in the form of a flashing light at the top of the unit so that you can turn of the audio ring if you prefer a visual cue only.

The handset has a built-in hearing loop for those who wish to use their hearing aids while using the telephone. Select the T mode on your hearing aid to enable this feature or your hearing aid may automatically switch to the T position when the phone receiver is placed next to it if the device has an autophone program.

Please note that there is no hands-free option with this phone. Answer is however very simple, you only need to lift the phone off of the base to answer and incoming call.

Product Dimensions:

DxWxH, 17 x 14 x 5.5 cm ; 685 g

This product is guaranteed by Doro for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.



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